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What Are The Advantages Of UV Flatbed Printers?

uv flatbed printer application

Features of UV flatbed printers White ink printing The UV flatbed printer can print two layers at a time, and the three-layer mode (color and white can be combined as required) can increase the bump printing effect. Furthermore, flexible white ink for printing…

How to Operate a Large Format Sublimation Printer

A large format sublimation printer is not only fine mechanical equipment but also a complex electronic machine, which is equivalent to both a mechanical plotter and a high-end computer. There is a precision print head in its internal structure, so it is necessary…

What Is Digital UV Transfer Printer?

    Using UV light-curing glue, it is easy to transfer the digital graphics printed by digital UV transfer printers to metal surfaces such as crystal, glass, stone, wood, acrylic, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, and aluminum. There is no loss of pixels…

Pros and Cons of the Led UV Printer

With the development of modern society, the current led UV printing technology develops rapidly. But the most novel is the led UV printer that is popular nowadays. The led UV printing process mainly refers to the use of special led UV inks…

How To Choose DTF Ink?

DTF Ink Pro

    I believe that how to correctly choose the DTF ink for your DTF printers is a problem. This issue has troubled many customers and friends in the printing industry. White ink heat transfer printers generally use DTF white…

What Is The Best Sublimation Heat Transfer?

sublimation heat transfer

One of the core components of Sublistar sublimation heat transfer is the heating plate. Therefore, pay attention to the heating plate when choosing a sublimation heat transfer machine. The upper and lower plates shall be made of aluminum, and the…

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