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Causes and remedies for frequent UV flatbed printer issues

No maker of ultraviolet flatbed printers dares to claim that there will be no problems, yet there are numerous problems since they don’t comprehend and don’t know where to begin. Let’s look at some of the most prevalent UV flatbed printer issues and their causes. And the outcomes of basic processing.

Common issues with UV flatbed printers and their solutions include:

Anomaly with the power-on reset
(1) Phenomenon: After a power-on reset, the machine head rises in front of and behind the Y-axis but does not move left or right; Solution: 1. Verify that the X drive is operational; 2. Inspect the square fiber cable for contact with the faulty break.
Exception to the power-on reset
(2) Phenomenon: Only the rising Y-axis does not move after the power-on reset. Solution: 1. Verify that the emergency switch on the machine panel is turned off; 2. Verify that the anti-collision switch on both sides of the device is turned off; 3. Verify that the Y drive is operational. 4. Check to see if the round head’s optical fiber is broken.

The water tank isn’t working properly. Phenomenon: When the water tank is opened, it makes a loud beeping sound. 1. The failure was caused by a lack of water; solution: switch off the power, fill the water tank, and then turn it back on; 2, the failure’s cause: the water cycle is aberrant, and the flow meter fails to detect return water; Check whether the water pipe or the flow meter is folded. Whether or if it is typical; 3. The water temperature is too high, which is the reason of the failure. Solution: Turn off the appliance immediately and inspect and adjust the cooling unit’s temperature.

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The ultraviolet light does not work. The ultraviolet light control was mistakenly switched off in the program, which was the first cause of the failure. Solution: In the program, the ultraviolet light control is correctly adjusted; 2. The source of the problem: a broken or faulty signal line. Solution: Replace the new signal line or re-insert the signal line. 3. The water temperature is too high, which is the cause of the fault. Solution: Turn it off right away, check for folded or clogged water pipes, re-enable after processing, and select the cooling temperature; The water tank has failed, which is the cause of the malfunction. The water tank has been refurbished as a result of the problem.

Horizontal stripes can be seen on printed images. The nozzle is in poor condition, which is the first cause of failure. Solution: The nozzle is stopped or sprayed obliquely, and it can be cleaned; 2. The failure is due to the fact that no step value has been changed. Solution: The maintenance flag can be enabled in the print program settings to rectify the step.

a large color difference The photo format is incorrect, which is the first cause of failure. Solution: The picture is changed to TIFF and the picture mode is changed to CMYK. 2. The nozzle is obstructed, which is the cause of the failure. 3. Fault reason: The software setting is incorrect. Solution: the test strip needs to print; if it is blocked, clean the nozzle; 3. Defective reason: The software configuration is incorrect. Reset the program parameters to the standard as a workaround.

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The picture’s edge is blurred, and ink is flying. 1. The issue is caused by a low pixel count in the image. Solution: Increase DPI to 1200 for images with a DPI of 300 or higher, especially when printing 4PT small text. 2. The nozzle and the printed materials are too far apart, which is the cause of the failure. Solution: Keep the printed matter close to the print head and maintain a 2 mm gap. 3. The failure’s cause: static electricity in the material or machine. Solution: To eliminate static electricity, the machine’s outside casing is linked to the ground wire, and the material’s surface is rubbed with alcohol. To get rid of surface static, use an electrostatic processor.

Small ink dots are strewn around the printed image. 1. The ink is precipitated or fractured, which is the source of the fault. Check the nozzle’s condition, see if the ink fluency has deteriorated, and see if the ink path is leaking. 2, the source of the failure: static electricity in the material or equipment. Solution: To reduce static electricity, the machine casing’s ground wire and the material’s surface are wiped with alcohol.

In the horizontal UV printing direction, there is ghosting. 1. The grating strip is unclean, which is the source of the issue. Cleaning the strips is the solution. The raster decoder is damaged, which is the second cause of failure. Replace the new raster decoder as a workaround. 3. The reason for the failure: inadequate contact or a square fiber line failure. Replacement of the square fiber cable is the solution.

Printing ink splatters or shattered ink Dropping ink: During printing, a certain nozzle drops ink. Solution: 1. Determine whether the negative pressure is too low; 2. Determine whether air is leaking into the UV flatbed printer ink stream.

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