Sublimation T-shirts

Customized Sublimation T-Shirts for St. Patrick’s Day

While the sublimation transfer printer work between polyester and other synthetic fibers, during the process of its development and the technology upgrade, clothes made by sublimation is also the essential part in the texture market. It’s no exaggeration to say that sublimation T-shirts would be a hot product at St. Patricks. To commemorate St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, people designate March 17 as St. Patrick’s Day. This festival originated in Ireland at the end of the 5th century and has now become Ireland’s national day. As Irish descendants been spread all over the world, St. Patrick’s day has gradually become a festival in many countries. Can I make something for St. Patrick’s Day? The most interesting thing about St. Patricks is to wear the special festival costumes. As sublimation printrer suppliers, you can provide customized products for your clients.

DIY Masks

The coronavirus is still rampaging over the world, and many varients have been evolved. As an indispensable epidemic prevention material, the face mask can reduce the risk of being infected. Currently, creative young people are reluctant to live in the routine way and they prefer to accept new things. Normal blue medical masks apparantly can’t satisfy young people’s personalized pursuit. With a portable sublimation heat transfer machine, you can transfer the hottest images and the most polular saying on it, which is a good way to show their life attitudes and world view. It goes without saying that this kind of new masks in a peculiar style definitely will make a hit on the mark.

Sublimation T-shirts

Customized Polyester Sublimation T-shirts

St. Patrick’s Day sublimation T-shirts is an inevitable fashion piece on that festival for the reason that it’s the third search views on the Internet, only to the phrases “when is St Patricks Day” and “Happy Patrick’s Day” in terms of viewships. On St. Patrick’s day, green is everything. Shamrock (sorrel with three heart-shaped leaves), the emblems and national flower of Ireland. Ireland is also known as emerald green island. That’s explains why green has become the color of St. Patrick’s day.
Although St. Patrick’s day does not require people sending gifts from each other, it does not mean that people will not shop. According to the survey of the American Retail Federation (NRF), consumers intend to spend $5.3 billion on this festival in 2017. On this day, many people choose to go to bars or participate in various parties and parades. No matter where people go, they need one thing to celebrate this festival: festival T-shirts.

DIY Sublimation Heat Transfer Tie

Printed polyester tie is another important item on St. Patrick’s Day. Tie is a good accessory for men in the workplace. good-looking tie can make good first impression. In fact, the knowledge of shirt and tie matching is worth learning. To match appropriately, it really needs some effort for handsome men. Young people should choose neckties with lively patterns and strong colors to increase the youth and vitality of users; For older people, they should choose solemn patterns; Women should choose plain tie. At the same time, we emphasize the matching of shirts and ties, we should also pay attention to the coordination of shirt and tie color matching, so as to increase the good effect of elegance and charming.The matching of shirt and tie is worthing learning. If your tie is not matched in a right way, it will ruin the overall impression, but if it is matched skillfully, it can catch everyone’s attention and appear unique. Tie always plays an important relo in big events.. As usual, people will pay attention to the ties when they firstly meet someone. From a more exquisite taste, the color of the coat should become the basic color of the tie. Light color tie made by sublimation printer is suitable to wear on St. Patrick’s. Generally speaking, sublimation printers won’t go wrong if you don’t choose solid colors.


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