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Develop Personalized Customization Business with UV Flatbed Printer

In today’s fast-paced society, customers are not satisfied with buying the same products. They want to purchase unique products to show that they are different and their special status. Under this situation, it is essential for merchants to launch personalized customization products to keep current customers and attract new customers.

UV flatbed printer is an ideal helper to develop personalized customization business and maximize your business profits. It can output vibrant, high-quality and strongly durable prints. This article will explain how to develop personalized customization business with UV flatbed printer.

Why UV Flatbed Printer?

UV flatbed printer is an user-friendly and cost-effective machine for those who want to develop personalized customization business.

As we all know, UV flatbed printer uses UV light to cure the ink on the surface of the items. For this reason, it does not need powder shaking and heat pressing like DTF printing, which leads to the quick turnaround time. This feature also saves space and heat press machine cost.

Prints of UV flatbed printer are able to be utilized in many industries like home decor, advertisement, holiday gift and other industries. More than UV printing, UV flatbed printer can also print UV DTF stickers only that you have a laminating machine. With this function, you do not need to order one extra UV DTF printer. See the video to know about specific steps.

UV flatbed printer uses UV ink, which has special internal structure, making the final printing results vibrant, colorful and clear. Due to this special structure, the prints are of strong durability as well, meaning that they will not fade and peel off easily.

One of the largest advantages of UV flatbed printer is that it can realize multiple prints at a time. If you have many customization orders, this function will greatly help you finish all the orders in the prescribed time.

What Materials Can UV Flatbed Printer Print On?

As the advantages listed above shows, the UV flatbed printer is of great versatility, allowing it to print on diverse materials:

UV flatbed printer is perfect for a wide range of applications in different fields. For advertising industry, it can be used to produce posters, banners and outdoor flags. As for personalized customization field, it is ideal for phone cases, key chains, tablet cases, mugs, ID cards and more.

UV printing application

How Does UV Flatbed Printer Work?

Learning how UV flatbed printer works is beneficial to starting personalized customization business. If you are familiar with the process, you can finish the orders of small amount totally by yourself, saving the labor cost.

Step 1 : Design

Design the patterns on the computer according to the specific needs of customers. If the customers want to provide their own pictures, it will be fine too. You just need to transform the picture to needed format.

Step 2: Print

Put the substrates on the right location and fix them on the printing platform. Then set the parameters of the UV flatbed printer. After that, click the button to start printing.

What Do you Need to Start Business with UV Flatbed Printer?

Most importantly, you need to choose one suitable UV flatbed printer. When deciding which brand of UV flatbed printer, you had better take the following 4 factors into consideration: printer performance, stability, price, training and service support

Printer performance and stability can drive your business to next level. Different sizes of UV flatbed printer has different prices. Making a decision according to your own budget will save cost. Good training and service support will ensure that your printer is in a good condition in the long term. Besides, you will need to prepare some consumables including UV ink, printing materials.

Start Your Customization Business with UV Flatbed Printer Now

The versatility of UV flatbed printer will bring endless possibilities to your business. It can print on almost all the materials. Even if you want to expand your business to UV DTF sticker field, what you need to prepare is an extra laminating machine.

Wanna have a try? Consult the experts from SUBLISTAR to get professional suggestions.

SUBLISTAR's 6090 UV Flatbed Printer


How much does UV flatbed printer cost?

The UV flatbed printer price is about $4000 to $40000, differs from each other according to the size, configurations and performance.

Yes, UV flatbed printer can print on paper and cardboard packaging as well. It can restore the original performance of design and show vibrant colors.

With UV ink, the finished product is waterproof and fade-resistant, and the printed surface is scratch-resistant and durable.

UV printing uses specialized UV inks. UV LEDs instead of heat cure the ink onto the print media during printing. No need for a heat press.

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