Differences among DTF, DTG and White Toner printing

tshirt dtg vs dtf printing

You may say that DTF printing combines white toner with DTG printing. Because of this, contrasting them can be a little bit perplexing. Let’s look at their differences to help you decide which printing solution best suits your needs.


DTG printing VS DTF printing

Both processes require an inkjet printer and white ink, and the DTF printers and DTG printers are extremely similar. What sets them apart from one another? Cost of the investment: In contrast to the price of a DTG printer, DTF printing requires a very small initial expenditure. A DTG printer is almost ten times more expensive than a DTF printer.

  1. Time required for production: DTF printing begins by imprinting a design on a film. You have to then add DTF powder to it after that. The design should then be transferred from the printed DTF film to the cloth after the printed film has been dried. When opposed to DTF printing, DTG printing dramatically lowers manufacturing time because the printer prints directly onto the garment.
  2. Print feel and finish: DTF has a surface texture that is somewhat “plastic,” much like HTV or screen print transfers. As a result of the inks’ high degree of elasticity, the print does not shatter when the garment is stretched. DTG printing produces a considerably finer finish and greater fabric integration because the ink is totally absorbed into the garment.
  3. White purity and intensity: In this instance, DTG printing results in a white that is more intense and pure. White isn’t as vivid and pure when it comes to DTF printing.
  4. Both systems have minimal production costs for consumables. Despite the fact that DTF printing appears to be more expensive because of the additional materials it requires, the ultimate cost of a T-shirt printed using this method is marginally less than that of a T-shirt printed with DTG printing.


DTF Printing VS White Toner Printing

hoodie dtf printing

The production method is similar, as the designed patterns both need to be printed before being applied to the T-shirt. The outcome is quite similar as well. Let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of T-shirt customization with DTF printing and inexpensive white toner.

The cost: A DTF printer is less expensive than a laser DTG printer, costing roughly half as much as a laser inkjet printer.

White toner is more difficult to use for printing than DTF since it prints the white layer after the color layer (compared to low-cost white toner systems). With the white toner printing solution, you should heat press the DTF paper A onto paper B to add the adhesive and create the FOREVER NO CUT transfers. This is the most critical stage, as improper weeding could impair the transfer and cause major production losses. This step is eliminated when using DTF printing, which helps you save time and money.

Print touch and finish: with both printing procedures, the finish feels practically identical to the touch. The key distinction is that DTF inks offer more flexibility and wear resistance because they are textile-based.

White intensity and purity: white toner offers a more intense white color in this area. Consumable costs: As white toner printing requires toner and NO CUT transfer papers, it is significantly more expensive than DTF printing. A custom T-shirt printed with a DTF printer has a production cost that is 50% lower than a T-shirt printed with white toner.

Many initiatives are feasible: While DTF printing is mostly used on textiles, white toner laser printing opens up a wide range of options. Hard objects can also have their colors modified in addition to this form of merchandise.

Why DTF printing?

DTF printing is perfect for anyone looking to expand their cotton or polyester business by adding customized T-shirts or any other textile product (bags, hoodies, masks, cushions, etc.) with a small initial expenditure (and their blends of any color). If you are already experienced with dye-sublimation printing, DTF is the ideal supplementary technology to boost your productivity and raise the profitability of your company.

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