Differences Between DTX-I And Brother GTX Pro DTG Printer

Differences Between DTX-I And Brother GTX Pro DTG Printer

Nowadays, with people’s pursuit of personalized fashion, clothing digital printing has become a new trend. T-shirt DTG printer has more and more broad development space, because of the advantages of single-piece printing without plate making, high efficiency, low cost, and no pollution. Many traditional printing factories have also invested in DTG printers, but how to choose a suitable direct-to-garment printer?

The T-Shirt printing technology is divided into DTG printing and transfer printing. The selection of the printing process determines what kind of t-shirt printer is more suitable for you. The investment in the transfer process is small, and the printing accuracy is high, but the applicable fabrics are limited. Mainly suitable for polyester-based fabrics. The DTG printer is mainly suitable for pure cotton fabrics.

The nozzle of the DTG printer will greatly affect the printing effect, so the selection of the print head is also very important. The printer’s head determines the basic characteristics of the DTG printer, such as printing accuracy and printing speed. As a consumable, the overall cost and durability should also be considered.

When choosing DTG printing equipment, you can compare multiple DTG printer brands and models. It doesn’t mean the most expensive is the best, the best one is that suitable for your printing demanding.

What famous DTG printer brands in the market?

There are three main imported brands: Kornit, Brother, Ricoh and Epson.
Kornit mainly produces industrial-grade direct-to-garment printers, which are suitable for large-scale clothing e-commerce or clothing factories.
Both Brother and Epson only have small digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines. This type of DTG printer is more suitable for small personalized clothing companies. If they are used in factories, the speed cannot keep up. If it is used in a personalized small business, the investment is large and it is difficult to recover the cost.

There are too many domestic brand manufacturers, and the quality is also uneven. The SUBLISTAR digital DTG printer developed relatively early, modified from the Brother and Epson DTG printers to today’s self-developed direct-to-garment printer. There are rich configurations available. The quality of the machine is stable and reliable, has a huge after-sales network,  and is highly cost-effective compared to imported brands.

DTG printer



Printing MethodDirect To Garment PrinterDirect To Garment Printer
Machine Size1250mm (W) x 1225mm (D) x 815mm (H)1400mm (W) x 1300mm (D) x 550mm (H)
Machine Weight220KG120KG
Platen SizesMaiximum 36cm x 45.7cmMaximum 40.6cm x 53.3cm
Ink TypeWater-based pigment inkWater-based pigment ink
Ink-Head TypeEpson I3200 PrintheadOn demand piezo head
Number of HeadsTwo Two 
Print Resolution960dpi*2400dpi1200dpi*1200dpi
Print ModeSingle or double for CMYKSingle or double for CMYK
Printing EnvironmentTemperature: 18℃-35℃, Humidity: 35℃-85℃Temperature: 18℃-35℃, Humidity: 35℃-85℃
Power supplyAC220/110 ±10,50HZ-60HZ, 150WAC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz ± 1Hz
Support OSMac OS, Windows 7(32bit/ 64bit), Windows 8.1(32bit/64bit),Windows 10(32bit/64bit) macOS® Mojave 10.4 to macOS Big Sur 11.4, Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit)
Recommended softwareCorelDRAW® X7/X8, Adobe® Photoshop CS6/CC, Adobe® Illustrator CS6/CC, Adobe Photoshop Elements 14/ 15CorelDRAW® 2018/2019 (Windows), Adobe® Photoshop CS6/CC, Adobe® Illustrator CS6/CC

According to the survey, the imported small digital DTG printers of the first well-known international brands (Epson, Kornit, Brothers, Mutoh, Ricoh, etc.) are relatively expensive. The minimum price of Japanese Brother and Epson is about 32000USD, and Israel’s Kornit is about 160,000 to 800,000USD. Of course the machine is very good machine. However, It is recommended to buy domestic DTG printers and find some with R&D capabilities, such as this DTG DTX-I/ DTX-II produced by SUBLISTAR. Its quality, after-sales service, and price-performance ratio are very high, and the printing effect is not inferior to the imported brand DTG printers.

Features Of DTG DTX-I Printer

SUBLISTAR DTX-I DTG printer is similar to the Japanese Brother GTX-Pro printer in some functions and structural concepts.

DTG printer

A separate white ink supply system will not block the nozzle (Left is Brother, Right is Sublistar)

DTG printer ink filter

Imported brand filter, the print head does not block ink

DTG printer

Infrared detection, timed circulation system, automatic height detection function, to prevent scratching the nozzle;

Italy original software

Italian genuine software, exclusive COLORSHIFT function to create color variations based on t-shirt backgrounds

DTG printing

To save ink, the cost of a T-shirt is more than 0.2USD( the ink usage we can see from the software ), we use the Italian RIP software, each picture is previewed before printing, showing the estimated ink consumption, and calculating the cost of a t-shirt.

print head

Original Epson i3200 print head, the print head no need to be installed, no debugging, direct ink printing, easy to operate.

dtg printer

Sleep and shut down, automatically clean after shutting down, and then set the white ink circulation interval in the device, the white ink circulates automatically at regular intervals, no plugging Same as EPSON F2000, Brother GTX, American ANAJET, Israel Kornit.

Brother DTG printer

This printer is based on the Brother GTX printer, it has a fast boot speed, five minutes to boot, and less waste ink washed. The boot time of Brother is 1hour. Every time the boot is turned on, all the ink in the ink tube must be cleaned. The cost of the washed ink is 24USD.

DTG printer

Secondary ink cartridge, with liquid level sensor, if there is no ink, the alarm light will flash to remind

Negative pressure ink supply system to keep ink supply stable and reduce the frequency of clogging

DTG Prtreatment

Our own-made original ink, and there is a special ICC for our ink.

DTG Prtreatment

Equipped with pretreatment machine and pretreatment liquid.

print head cleaning

Machine power-on cleaning mode: In order to ensure the good state of the print head, Brother printer has set the default value. When the machine is turned on, regardless of whether the print head is in good condition, the ink consumption is a fixed mode, which increases the ink consumption invisibly, thereby increasing the cost of ink using; the SUBLISTAR DTX-series printhead cleaning according to the actual situation of the nozzle, clean on demand. This mode can save the consumption of ink.

DTG printer

Platform lifting, in order to increase the lifting stroke of the platform and better adjust the printing range, especially add the platform gasket that is the same as the Brother GTX Printer, so that it can have a better choice.

SUBLISTAR is a company specializing in the R&D, production and integration of t-shirt printing machines. At present, it has launched a variety of direct-to-garment printing machines with stable performance and excellent price-performance ratio to the market, highly praised by customers, the source manufacturer is trustworthy.

Here You Can Check Some Applications of DTG

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