UV flatbed printer vs UV DTF

UV Flatbed Printer vs UV DTF Printer? Know the Differences

In the competitive digital printing market, there are always new models of printers to cater to the diverse needs of people. Among the printers, UV flatbed printer and UV DTF printer are gaining increasing popularity. You maybe confused by their names, wanting to know if they the same kind of printers. However, they are different. The distinction between UV flatbed printer and UV printer is subtle. Explore the differences between UV flatbed printer and UV DTF printer through this article.

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What is UV Flatbed Printer and How Does it Work?

UV flatbed printer enables printing directly on rigid or flat surface, using the ultra violet light to cure the ink on the surface of materials instantly. The final results are highly qualified and strongly durable.

As for how the UV flatbed printer works, it works in the following steps:

  1. Design patterns.
  2. Place the items on the printing platform of UV flatbed printer
  3. Start printing
  4. Printing completes

What is UV DTF Printer and Its Working Process?

UV DTF printer, also called UV roll-to-roll printer, supports printing on the special film first. Afterward, the film will be pasted on the surface of items. Due to this, UV DTF printer can print on uneven or curved surfaces.

It works in the following steps:

  1. Design patterns
  2. Print on A film
  3. Cover A film with B film by laminating machine
  4. Stick to the surface of products
  5. Tear off the film and get the completed product

Key Differences Between UV Flatbed Printer and UV DTF Printer

UV flatbed printer differs from UV DTF printer mainly in the print process, print quality, application industry, and cost.

1. Print process

As introduced above, UV flatbed printer prints directly on products while UV DTF printer needs to print on AB film and then transfer to other substrates. Because of this, UV flatbed printer is more suitable for flat or rigid surfaces like phone cases and key chains. For UV DTF printer, it works better on uneven or curved surfaces like bottles and mugs.

2. Print quality

In terms of quality, prints of UV flatbed printer are more durable than that of UV DTF printer because UV flatbed printer uses UV lamp to cure the UV ink on the surface, making it more resistant to peeling. UV DTF printer uses adhesive AB film, which is less durable. In addition, UV flatbed printer has accurate X and Y data printing system, which offers higher accuracy than UV DTF printer. People can also equip UV flatbed printer with visual positioning system to ensure the accuracy. As for UV DTF stickers, people need to paste the stickers manually, which may lead to wrong operation.

3. Application industry

Although both UV flatbed printer and UV DTF printer can print on various materials, they have different application industries.

As far as UV flatbed printer, it is popular in the following industries:

  • Advertising industry
  • Decoration industry
  • Metal industry
  • Phone cases

UV DTF printer is mainly used for plastic, glass, wood, crystal, metal, acrylic, and more. Therefore, it focused on the following industries:

  • Gift industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Toy industry

4. Cost

Generally speaking, UV flatbed printer is more expensive than UV DTF printer due to the szie, capabilities, ink quantity and maintenance. From this aspect, UV flatbed printer is ideal for high-volume printing work while UV DTF printer caters better to home or small business use.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right UV Printing Technology

In all, UV flatbed printer and UV DTF printer has their own unique features and different applications. UV flatbed printer will provide excellent quality and fast speed for large scale business use. UV DTF printer is a more economical choice for individual use or small business. When you choose which better benefits your business needs, you should consider your business purposes and budget. Only in this way can you make an informed decision without breaking your budget.

If you are new to UV printing technology, consulting with an industrial expert or reading related articles is a good option too.

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