metaverse in digital printing

Digital Printing Manufacturers Are Taking Steps into The Metaverse

What Is The Metaverse?

The metaverse is not a new concept, but the pace with which it has recently gained attention is astonishing. And the definition of “metaverse” appears to be expanding on a daily basis, as more and more well-known brands and corporations begin to incorporate it into their long-term strategies. While everyone from celebrities to large corporations like as Nike has gotten engaged, Facebook is mostly responsible for igniting the metaverse hype. The company, a pioneer in social media (and, in some ways, the first iteration of the metaverse itself), just underwent a massive rebranding. Facebook is now Meta, and the firm intends to make substantial advances in the metaverse in the coming years. The metaverse is a virtual world in which individuals, corporations, like digtial printing manufacturers , and digital platforms can coexist. It encompasses everything from virtual social and gaming platforms (like as Roblox) to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) (more on those later).

What Can You Do in The Metaverse?

metaverse in digital printing

The metaverse is a long-held science-fiction fantasy come true. Films like Tron and Ready Player One have long imagined digital worlds with the same weight as physical ones. The metaverse is a computer environment accessible through virtual reality headsets, populated by actual people (typically using digital avatars), and full of limitless possibilities.

Although it may appear to be a novel concept, the concept of a multi-platform digital world has been around for some time. It may be found in anything from video games to social media. Early incarnations of the metaverse have been a part of our reality for a long time, from World of Warcraft and Runescape to MySpace. The 2020s metaverse merely expands on these concepts, taking them to the next level.

With all of the recent metaverse advances and investments, you may be wondering whether — and how — the concept will impact the future of social media (and social media marketing).

In 2021, a lot of money and resources were invested into the metaverse. With platforms like Meta and organizations like Nike (who just teamed with sneaker-centric metaverse powerhouse RTFKT Studios) pouring money and resources into the metaverse, there are obviously people and businesses who believe it is the future of social media.

Only a few days ago, Social Media Examiner posed (and answered) a question that we should all be asking: “What does this mean for marketers, and why should we care?”

However, there are several ways in which the metaverse pertains to PSPs and MSPs, both as providers and users of these technologies. Here are some real-world examples of how printers and agencies are currently utilizing the metaverse:

  1. Virtual tours of their operations are available, allowing clients and prospects to “walk” their manufacturing floors and visit company offices as if they were physically present.
  2. Creating 3D interactive representations of products to increase online sales for clients by allowing those products to be rotated, inspected, and investigated as if customers were holding the object in their hands.
  3. Attending virtual demo center trips to see new printing equipment before purchasing. After installing the technology, printers can deploy holographic pictures of the vendor’s service technicians next to the press to show their operators how to correct problems or perform normal maintenance.
  4. Increasing donations and donor engagement through the use of holographic twins and augmented reality portals to communicate directly to donors in their homes and offices and to take them “on location” to observe the impact of their donations in a more personal and interactive way.
metaverse in digital printing
digital printing manufacturers

Using metaverse games to increase product sales for their digital printing manufacturers. As potential buyers play the game, they accumulate pieces of the finished product, which they can order once it is finished.
These use cases will become more complicated over time, but the important is that they are being done now, even at a very basic level. So, when you read or hear about the metaverse, realize that it is a practical reality worth examining and investing in today, not tomorrow. It’s because today is the best day. However, for the time being, it is obvious that more and more individuals are spending more and more money in digital printing manufacturers realms.

 As a result, there is a case to be made for print on demand merchants to apply their original designs not only to physical merchandise, but also to intangible goods that can be purchased and sold digitally. One noteworthy example is the creation of virtual “skins.” This essentially refers to clothing or apparel that may be worn by online characters or avatars, allowing for greater personalization within digital game environments. Designer skins and virtual clothing have proven to be popular, particularly among Generation Z gamers, to the point where even long-established, world-famous fashion labels are getting in on the action. It’s easy to see how print-on-demand sellers may establish a niche.

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