Digital Printing Technology Contributed to Realization of Fashion Designers’ Creative Thinking

The continuous progress of digital printing technology, making fashion designers freer to design fashion patterns and bring more visual feast to people, gives unprecedented development space to the textile printing and dyeing industry.

Basso&Brooke, a British London brand, experimentally applied digital printing in clothing design in 2004. Digital printing has swept all major fashion weeks in just a few years. For more than ten years, Basso& Brooke still continued its printing design, with bolder and unique patterns, and the materials of which came from cultures around the world. The famous Greek female fashion designer Mary Katrantzou is known as the “Queen of Digital Printing”. Among the well-known brand designers, Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi from Preen, through their exploration of digital printing in recent years, have integrated the flower pattern into the geometric streamlined silhouette clothing, which has continued the “elegance with a bit of sharpness” of their design team for more than ten years. The designers of Dolce& Gabbana combine lace, fur, and other fabrics with printing, and re-creating the fabrics based on the printed fabrics. They use hollowing out, stacking and other techniques to create three-dimensional flowers.

In recent years, digital printing has become so popular. From Prada’s tropical jungle-themed digital printing to Christian Dior’s hypnotic geometry picture. From Louis Vuitton’s oriental flowers to Giorgio Armani’s realistic portraits. Numerous unique computer-generated prints are freely displayed on the clothing fabric. Designers of well-known brands have played a superb printing game.

Advantages of digital printing technology

Source material

The combination of digital printing and computer technology simplifies the printing process and has the advantages of fast response and high printing quality, thus shortening the production cycle of printed clothing. Digital printing inputs all materials into the computer in the form of digital patterns by scanning, which makes the material of clothing fabric patterns more extensive.


Digital printing can flexibly create color combinations, quickly change colors, and easily complete the performance of color gradients, moire, and realistic colors. The digital printing pattern is not affected by the number of colors and errors. The pattern has vivid colors and rich layers.

Diversity of patterns

Compared with traditional printed fabric patterns, digital printing breaks through the restriction of cyclic arrangement of unit patterns, and the size of repeated units can be freely determined. Within a certain range, the concept of fabric edge can be ignored. This enables designers to give full play to their innovative ability and be more creative in pattern expression. In particular, the advantages of digital printing in pattern positioning and cutting printing have opened up the diversity of fabric composition.

The high degree of realization of design pictures

Digital printing can highly realize the three-dimensional effect, light effect, psychedelic effect, tie-dyeing effect, watercolor effect, texture effect, simulation effect, electric rainbow effect, etc. Digital printing promotes the popularity of innovative patterns of clothing fabrics and increases the interest and vividness of clothing.

 Personalized customization

With the aid of digital printing technology, designers can use computers to scientifically adjust and modify the color patterns and pictures of garment design samples before garment printing, and carry out garment style design in combination with the favorite characteristics of users’. According to their own needs, consumers can transfer the patterns, colors, and information materials that need to be printed on clothing to clothing manufacturers, and then the manufacturers arrange for professional designers to carry out the personalized design of clothing printing, so as to meet the needs of consumers at different levels for clothing design.

Not easy to copy

The application of digital printing technology in clothing design can effectively solve the problem of traditional printing data storage. The pattern, texture, and color formed by digital printing technology on clothing are not easy to be copied and imitated by other manufacturers, which can ensure the innovative characteristics of their own clothing enterprises and attract more consumers.

In the past, in the process of fashion design, designers can only control the style of clothing, but it is more difficult to design and innovate the patterns of clothing. Even if the patterns and patterns on the drawings are creative, the effect of finished products is not satisfactory in the face of traditional printing technology.

In order to show their individuality and make unique products, independent designers exert their wild imagination and strive to create bold, trendy works with color. They use digital printing technology to realize their creativity quickly and accurately. Digital printing has shown extraordinary talents in decking out spring and summer T-shirts, gowns, long skirts, and environmental protection bags. Now, It is oriented toward the thick coat of autumn and winter and even takes a fancy to expensive leather handbags and suitcases.


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