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Direct to Film Printer —How to Process Images by Maintop RIP?

How to Find A Suitable Image for Direct to Film Printer?

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With the continuous development of the direct to film printer, the accuracy of color is also required to be higher and higher. Many times, designers need to adjust the color against the template reference. With reference to Pantone color card; There are fabric samples with similar processes or similar processes; The color of computer monitor and mobile phone screen is referenced; There are colors referring to nature; There are references to the color of office color printer printing paper, etc. These are common references for designers. There are also many kinds of reference objects, such as the luminous color of objects in the dark, the color of feathers and hair on animals, the color of refraction through translucent objects, and the color of many items in our daily life.

There will be a common problem that many people will encounter. The pictures that many people see on the computer web page or on the mobile phone screen will be very high-definition, but the pictures directly used for physical output and printing will become very blurring, even unclear. In fact, these seemingly high-definition pictures are generally only 72 resolution, which is only suitable for computer monitors and mobile phone screen resolution pixel display browsing.

Where to Find The Suitable Color?

pantone card

Pantone is an international standard color. Special CU coated paper/offset paper color card for printing industry; There are TPG cardboard color cards, TCX cotton color cards, TSX polyester color cards and TN nylon color cards in the clothing, textile, home printing and dyeing industry. (Some metallic colors, shiny colors, skin colors, etc. will not be discussed here.) Different series of Pantone color cards, color cards can not be matched. The specific Pantone color card can be found according to the color number of the specific Pantone color card; The colors of each color card are not interchangeable. Most of the color cards used for color matching in the digital printing industry are TPG cardboard color cards.

Maintop to Process The Printing Images

At present, most of the output printing software in the domestic digital printing industry uses Maintop, and the file format is TIF file format. (Of course, there are also a lot of software, and many file formats can be output and printed, which will not be discussed here.) The same is true for white ink in direct to film printer. White ink DTF printing requires a special color channel of pattern outline in the channel of Photoshop. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution, the clearer the picture will be; The lower the resolution, the more blurred the image.

dtf printed picture

When making color channel, it can be done in both CMYK color mode and RGB color mode. This depends on the original document and printing requirements. CMYK color mode will be easier to operate if it is for version with large dark color parts;

If the color is light and has many details with many levels. The RGB color mode will be ideal for printing. (Of course, this will also be related to the curve and ink.)

dtf printed picture

Where to Find A Good Direct to Film Printer?

At present, the three nozzle nine color DTF transfer printer with the widest color gamut is the best digital printing equipment for color restoration. On the basis of traditional CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) ink, RGB ink (red,  green and blue) and LB ink (light black) for gray are added. With the curve of fine color and wide color gamut, you can achieve any color that is close to the original design to the greatest extent. People who know color mixing know that the more mixed colors are, the easier it is to make, and the more pure colors are, the harder it is to make. This DTF printer with nine color is a good solution to this problem. Whether it is dark color or light color, whether it is gradient color or gray system, these problems have been solved one by one.

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