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Direct-to-Garment printing: A sustainable & eco-friendly technology

Find out why DTG printing is considered one of the most environmentally friendly methods in the textile industry.

for cotton fabrics

Utterly efficient on cotton & all cotton blended fibers and most commonly applied on tees.

Instant Print

No need to make screen, print from computer directly.

High color reproduction

Computer automatic color correction, color reproduction up to 90%

Less waste

water-based pigment inks that consist of mainly water, biodegradable decomposition, VOCs emission


SUBLISTAR DTG DTX-I Printer is a standard A3 size T-shirt printer, equipped with double Epson i3200 print heads, highest print resolution up to 2400dpi. With direct-to-garment printing, you can customize a dizzying array of products. DTG printing works best with fabrics that are at least 70% cotton. DTG has become one of the most convenient methods of garment decoration, marking its entry to the market by having the most sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

dtg printing

More than Just T-Shirts

Direct to Garment printing better known as DTG is a most popular method of apparel printing where a printer directly applies ink onto any type of fabric, clothing or apparel. DTG as a printing technology method, is utterly efficient on cotton & all cotton blended fibers and most commonly applied on tees. Direct-to-Garment printing uses special pigment ink, which are absorbed by the fibers of the garment. DTG printing is ideal for full-color print jobs that incorporate colors throughout your entire garment. To put things in simpler terms DTG works like a printer for clothes and it can support the most detailed designs with as many colors as you want.

DTG machines need to be customized and can be modified in a way that they can support printing on various substrates and items. 

Meet the New DTX-I DTG Printer

Get started creating vibrant prints today with a DTX-I direct to garment printer

Incredible Overall Value!

DTG printing solution

Benefits of Sublistar DTG

On-Demand Print Capability

Simple operating procedures and simple setup procedures allow staffs to take short-term orders and deliver in small batches, Colorful products also can be personalization.

Zero Setup

Different from other traditional printing methods such as screen printing, DTG garments require no setup and can be printed almost instantly. This is a huge advantage as small orders can be made and shipped almost instantly.

t-shirt print
DTF printing on canvas tote bag
T shirt printing sample by DTF printer on white color shirt
direct to garment printer

Sharp, Vibrant Images

Equipped with high precision carriage and table, precise table height adjustment and trimmable plates, the DTX-I delivers high-resolution images up to 2400 dpi. Get brighter, more accurate colors with Italian DEVStudio DTG RIP software.

Nice Texture

DTG printing gets a screen-printed high-quality product at a low price, without the cheap gummy feel.

Features of Sublistar DTG

Sublistar DTX-I has automatic wake-up function and automatic maintenance under standby conditions

Timed white ink circulation system, automatic height detection function, to prevent scratching the nozzle

Negative pressure ink supply system to maintain stable ink supply and reduce the frequency of clogging

direct to garment printing

DTG printer startup cleaning mode: In order to ensure the good state of the nozzle

Auto Height Adjustment & Quick-Change Platens

Intelligent alarm ink tank, the cartridge alarm system is set up to protect the machine, When the ink is below the limit, it will automatically alarm.

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