sublimation swim suits

DIY Your swim suits with a Sublimation Printer

October is coming soon. Friends living in the southern hemisphere are about to welcome the beautiful summer days. When it comes to summer, swim suit must be an indispensable fashion item in your closet. One of the reasons you choose swim suit in summer is that at this time of year everyone start to think about baring your body in a perfect bathing suit, which is a quite good chance to catch the eyes of your secret crush. Swim suits are frequently used in outdoor-oriented activities, such as sunbathing, swimming, diving, surfing, beach volleyball and wakeboarding. As the clothes worn as the undergarment, it’s a good way to show your body line and feautres. In a commodity-oriented market, there are vaious swim suits for you to choose. Different swim suits with different materials, styles and colors, people will get lost when seeing those dazzling clothes. So do you know how to choose a good swim suit or just DIY swim suits with a sublimation printer directly?
Generally spaeaking, swim suits vary from genders. Males’ suits mostly are shorts, including a drawstring in the waist, which makes them expose their chests, while female’s usually are bikini or split swimsuits with metal or lace up fasteners, which usually cover the boobs.

sublimation swim suits

Materials of Swim Suits

The synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, lycra and nylon, is the mainly fabric to make swim suits. People used to make dyes in the primitive way, such as from the animal, plants and minerals with extraction. Until 1856, a British man discovered a new dye when he tried to make purple ink. This ink is metallic solution, which is made of tin, chromium and aluminum. It can be painted into the fabric directly under the hot condition. Then the dyes were formed in the fabric and patterns would appear on the fabric. Currently, you don’t need to take trouble to do all of these things. Due to the special fabric and color of swim suits, polyester and spandex are the perfectly texture for swim suits. At the same time, for the convenience of attracting attention when rescuing, the swim suits must have bright color according to the research. If you want to design the patterns of swim suits on your own, you may choose sublimation printer, which is quite convenient and quick.

The Working Process of DIY swim Suits with a Sublimation Printer

To begin with, you design the pattern that will be printed on the swim suits on the computer or laptop, fill the color and adjust the size of it. By virture of photoshop, designing the patterns is very interesting and convenient. Next, the sublimation printer play its role. Furthermore, due to the specical texture of swim suits, sub printers are the best choice to polyester and spandex. Maybe someone will ask why not use laser printers for its fast printing speed? The answer is definitely no. When making mass production of orders, laser printers are the better choice. But if not, sublimation printers are the prior choice. With the process of thermal transfer-temperature reaches up to 230℃, the ink will be transferred to the fabric entirely. That’s the reason why the color of sublimation printing is more vivid without fading.

(1) Sublimation paper:

Have greenhand ever been thought of using the ordinary paer to take replace the special sublimation paper? The answer is definitely no. It’s known that sublimation paper is not as same as the paper we use in daily life, because it has a porous coating inside. And that’s the rreason why common paper we use in daily life can’t be used in heat transfer. At the same time, some sublimation paper with low quality can’t reach the expected effect, which will meet some problems, such as fading, images cracking and tearing. Furthermore, sublimation papers can also be divided into different types, including super quick dry, quick dry, standard and sticky type.

(2) Sublimation inks:

During the heat transfering, sublimation ink is another important element, because the temperature will reach up to about 200 ℃. Therefore, the quality of ink directly decides the quality of images. If you buy the bad ink unfortunately, you will get a swim suits with melted ink on it. In order to get a colorful pattern, you have to choose a good-quality ink.

(3) Heat Transfer Machine

Besides the ink, heat transfer machine is the most important step. Before heat press, you need to set up the temperature and transfer time and wait the machine’s temperature rise to the appropriate level. When it comes, you just need to put the film on the clothes and put down the press machine. After waiting for 15 seconds, you can lift up the heat press. Then you can peel off the paper from the clothes when it cools down to the room temperature. Finally, you finish your DIY swim suits. Does it sound magic and simple?


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