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Do I need to use DTF printer to print T-shirts?

Why is DTF Printer active in the market? There are too many machines on the market that can print T-shirts. There are large-scale printers, roller machines, and screen printing machines. There are also small digital direct-injection printing machines, offset heat transfer, and powder shaking machines. These are very popular machines on the market today. Everyone has a high degree of recognition.

I believe that after reading the first paragraph, many readers already have a general direction in their minds. Which area is your main business scope and market direction? Today we focus on printing T-shirts with DTF printer and introduce other printing methods to print T-shirts. And compare the differences and advantages of these types of printing. Let you have a more intuitive understanding of the current market choices.

1.What is a DTF printer?


DTF printer is also known as a digital offset heat transfer and powder shaking machine. The name comes from the actual effect of offset color printing. The pattern design is clear and true, which can exceed the actual effect of the photo. Many people named it to offset heat transfer based on Kodak photos. Also known as DTF printer, it is the small family economic printer we are using now.

DTF printer uses hot melt powder to print on PET transfer film. This hot melt powder is professionally produced and used for this machine. The working principle of this machine is: the printing material slagging agent penetrates into the fabric, produces hot melt and falls off and then bonds. It is necessary to use two types of printing technologies, offset printing and ink printing. Without the close integration of the two technologies, it is difficult to produce corresponding products.

DTF printer adopts a complete set of low-temperature silica gel + four-color offset ink, which is soft to the touch and has very good air permeability; bright colors, clear and vivid colors, and photo effects; stretch-resistant, good recovery effect; wash-resistant (up to 4-5); Good at expressing the fine and shallow effect of patterns; through SGS environmental protection (European standard textiles: total lead, eight heavy metals, phthalates, azo, organic tin, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, formaldehyde).

DTF printers are generally used by self-employed persons. Or a slightly larger operator. Or it may be a distributor with agency rights. DTF printer is very suitable to transfer all kinds of clothing, sportswear, small commodities, etc. with PET film. For example: customized T-shirts, sweaters, hats, aprons, etc.; various sportswear, swimwear, baseball uniforms, cycling wear, yoga wear, etc.; various small commodities, mugs, mouse pads, souvenirs, etc.

The main one is T-shirts. There are many materials to choose from for T-shirts. Cotton T-shirts, polyester T-shirts, Lycra T-shirts, chiffon T-shirts, etc. Each T-shirt has a different material. If you want to print your own style patterns and materials on the T-shirt. Then other types of printers may be difficult to implement. Our DTF printer machine can be made of any material, whether your T-shirt is pure cotton or other materials, whether your T-shirt is white, black or color, can be transferred. And the printed product is washable, has high color fastness, and is breathable and comfortable. Especially in the hot summer, it is very suitable.

2.So what is the difference between DTF printer and other printers?

It is mainly the number of printed T-shirts that have been emphasized in the previous article. If it is printed in large quantities, there are large orders from major T-shirt distributors. You can choose to use screen printing, and the price of screen printing is relatively low. Because of the low printing cost of screen printing, printing is carried out in the form of plate making, which incurs plate making costs, and is suitable for mass production.

Because the screen printing adopts the color printing method, it is impossible to achieve the transition of all colors between the two colors according to the picture, and it is difficult to reflect the color transition according to the picture itself. If you want to achieve high-precision, high-complexity printing patterns, screen printing is obviously not suitable. The speed is very fast and the efficiency is very high. However, there are color restrictions and serious pollution.

If you choose to customize personalized T-shirts and have a small order, you can choose to use DTF printer and DTG printer. There is no restriction on the color, which is more random. Strong flexibility, more suitable for responding to market changes. Moreover, the hot melt powder and ink used have reached environmental protection standards, which is more environmentally friendly. It is very in line with modern international requirements.

DTG printer does not need to make a plate, and directly prints the pattern in the computer on the cotton fabric to achieve the printing effect of what you see is what you get. But in actual operation, if it is a dark order, you need to spray the pretreatment liquid first. If the pretreatment liquid is not handled well, it will affect the printing effect.


Thermal transfer is a new type of process that uses thermal transfer equipment to transfer patterns and images printed on thermal transfer paper to fabrics through heat and pressure. Dye-sublimation transfer method is mainly for polyester chemical fiber materials. When the heat transfers to the clothing fabric, the ink is directly sublimated into the fabric fiber, and the color is sharp and fast. Realize the effect of graphic printing with transitional color and rich layering.

Heat transfer printing is suitable for large-scale enterprises to carry out production management. First of all, the high price of thermal transfer equipment discourages many people who want to enter the industry. However, its representative features make it still irreplaceable in the market. And for a long time, it has a profound impact on our lives.

Have you been inspired by this article? Are you preparing to enter the industry or do you want to learn more about DTF printer machines? Welcome to contact us if you are interested.

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