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Do You Know How to Operate UV Flat-Panel Printer?

A UV flat-panel printer is not cheap as a piece of digital color printing equipment. A UV flat-panel printer can have a longer lifespan and produce better prints if it is used properly. Here are some safety measures:

Before Starting the UV Flat-Panel Printer

(1) Before choosing how to pass UV, determine the size, thickness, and type of printing materials.

(2) Make sure that all of the machine’s parts are cleaned with no sundries. Only start the machine after inspection, which is to prevent damaging the machine by stuck by sundries.

Turn on and off the Machine

(1) Whenever you turn on the lights, do so sequentially. There is almost a minute between each switch. Avoid turning on the lights simultaneously.

(2) The fan needs to run for a while after the light is turned off to allow the lamp tube to cool.

(3) If you want to start the light again after shutting it off, you must wait until the light tube has completely cooled down because if it starts when the surface temperature of the light tube is too high, it won’t work.
(4) It cannot be instantly put into production after being turned on. A preheating time for the lamp is essential. Preheating takes only a few seconds when the temperature is high in the summer; however, preheating takes roughly 2-3 minutes when the temperature is low in the winter. The lamp tube’s preheating time can be shortened if the UV flat-panel printer has a strong and weak light device. You should turn on the light at the strong level. After the preheating is finished, it can be changed to the weak light level if production calls for it.

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Maintenance of lamps

(1) A UV printer lamp’s maximum service life is typically between 800 and 1200 hours, and after it has reached that time, it should be replaced.

(2) After cleaning the reflector on the surface of the lamp tube and reflector cover with 100% ethanol and gauze at the proper interval (every 1-2 months), rotate the UV lamp tube by 180 °C. After losing its mirror effect, the lampshade’s reflector will be changed.

Speed Modification

(1) The UV curing apparatus should be used to run the product through at a specific pace. If it has been properly cured, increase the speed until the product is simply unable to be fully cured while going through the curing equipment. The best speed at the moment is speed multiplied by 0.8.

(2) Pay close attention to the UV lamp’s usage time as well. The UV lamp’s energy will degrade and its speed will slow down as its lifespan is extended.

Capacitor and Transformer

(1) The transformer’s incoming line should choose the suitable terminal based on the field voltage.

(2) After the capacitor is utilized, maintenance must be done with caution to prevent harm from capacitor discharge.
The skin and eyes will be harmed by ultraviolet rays. When turning on the light, please avoid looking directly at the surface of the lamp tube with your eyes and avoid exposing your skin to ultraviolet rays.

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UV offset printing inks are made from raw components that are low in toxicity and are therefore environmentally safe. UV ink will yet continue to irritate and harm the skin. If you need to make contact, you can put on safety gear like rubber gloves. In the event of skin contact, wash it off right away with plenty of water.
The power supply ought to be completely shut off before the printer is no longer required or needs to be transported. Before unplugging the power wire and signal line, switch off the UV printer’s power, clean the nozzle, and cover the ink storage container. This method effectively stops the ink from volatilizing, and repositioning will not damage the nozzle.

Remember to turn off the machine before removing the power source to help minimize the risk of machine damage.
The exterior and interior of the printer should be cleaned regularly. Don’t wait until a thick layer of dust is accumulated and something goes wrong. The exterior of the printer can be scrubbed with a wet soft cloth. The cleaning liquid should be a neutral substance, like water. Never use a detergent containing alcohol.

The interior mainly refers to the nozzle, ink path system, etc. the cleaning of these parts requires special cleaning agents and methods. For the dust on the surface, try to use dry rags. When cleaning the nozzle and other important parts, be sure to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, or ask the manufacturer’s after-sales personnel to clean them.

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