Do You Know That DTF Printers Can Also Print Fluorescent Colors?

As we all know, DTF film printers have been the focus of the industry since 2020, and more and more customers choose this new type of printing technology. Everyone knows that DTF printers can print C/M/Y/K+W colors inks. Do you know it can also print fluorescent color? Let’s introduce the print heads of Sublistar and the ink system in detail.

First of all, our 60cm DTF film printer uses Epson 4720 print heads and I3200 print heads, I3200 print head is original, more stable & better, price higher. 4720 print head is OEM Use, with decryption card, a good choice, too. Our 30cm DTF film printer uses Epson XP600 print heads. It is an affordable printhead, planned as a water-based head. The cost is extremely modest, the security is moderate and it is broadly acknowledged by the market. It is essentially utilized for little harmless to the ecosystem dissolvable ink printers or roller UV printers.

DTF printing

Our print heads of DTF printing machines now use staggered inkjet printing technology. The new generation of dual-nozzle staggered printing technology greatly improves the printing speed, 4pass accuracy surpasses 6pass. And we use advanced white ink circulation system. The white ink circulatory system prevents sediment causing the nozzle to be blocked.

DTF ink is a water-based textile pigment printing ink. It is intended for imprinting on DTF printers, or direct exchange movie, which is another innovation for articles of clothing heat move computerized heat move. Our inks are High shading thickness and they have brilliant shading and great familiarity. No hindering the print spout and draining in the wake of printing. So you don’t have to stress over scouring. Our white ink doesn’t project tone and it has a solid covering capacity. These DTF Inks suit for various movies and the completed piece of clothing will not buildup oil. Our shade ink has been formed to decrease printhead stopping up and drying. It can withstand endless wash cycles without blurring. White DTF ink requires a delicate shake preceding each utilization. You can think about the impact of fluorescent shading printing during the day and night. Isn’t it interesting?

Sublistar DTF ink has these advantages:

  • Good whiteness and covering with white ink
  • White ink is viable with different tones well,large sum white and CMYK ink could be printed,no common penetrability
  • High thickness of shading, splendid shading result
  • Soft hand feeling, magnificent tractable property and flexibility
  • Dry scouring, wet scouring and sweat quickness 4-5 grade
  • High goal subsequent to printing

DTF printer

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