Do you Know Wide Applications of DTF PET Film Printing

Nowadays, ordinary heat transfer can no longer meet the needs of some customers, and a faster and more efficient process is required. Sublistar recommends DTF printing. What is DTF printing? It uses a layer of very special hot-melt powder, spray-printed on a transfer film, so that the printing material slagging agent penetrates into the fabric to produce hot-melt-off bonding. It uses two types of printing technologies: DTF printing and ink printing. Closely integrated production to create a process with the premise of transfer printing. This is DTF printing or PET film printing.

This process of DTF Film printing has a greater number of benefits than common warmth move as far as effectiveness and speed. Obviously, the machine cost of the warmth move printer will be more costly, yet fundamentally this arrangement of machines can be placed into creation and use, and customary warmth move printing requires shooting, lettering, and empty cutting, which are awkward.


The latest DTF Printers can be printed on cotton, silk, polyester, denim and more. As the DTF innovation advances, it isn’t to be rejected that DTF storms the print area. Contrasted with conventional printing measures, it is quick getting perhaps the most mainstream innovations for material prints.

DTF is also called a Direct Transfer Film, and works through the printing of warmth moves to a scope of clothaing (and different substrates). Numerous viable materials are accessible, including cotton, nylon, cowhide, polyester and 50/50 blends. This is not quite the same as the DTG innovation that turns out just for cotton. So this printer chips away at a lot more extensive foundation and is the most flexible advanced printer available. PET film printing machines work on white and dull garments and you need to push on the costly A+B paper without working, similarly as with the white toner printers.

Film printers for direct transfer additionally consolidate dependability, extraordinary quality and high efficiency. They can deal with huge volumes of creation that are essential in this quickly developing area. As opposed to DTG innovation, a great many people incline toward DTF printers since they are prudent and no pre-treatment is required. DTF powder and DTF sheets are needed for quality outcomes to print move movies, and DTF Ink obviously.

Another advantage of DTF printing is that it is exceptionally maintainable contrasted with conventional prints. There is no uncertainty that there is expanding accentuation on supportability in the design business. Look no farther than DTG in case you’re searching for top-quality, moderately high volume DTF printers to address your issues.

What is DTF PET Film Printing?

DTF is an elective printing interaction to DTG. Utilizing a particular sort of water-based ink to print a film move that is then dried, a powdered paste is applied to the back and afterward heat relieved prepared for capacity or moment use. One of the advantages to DTF Is there is no compelling reason to utilize pre-treatment, the powdered paste does this work for you. When warmth squeezed the delicate water based ink is moved to the article of clothing in only 15 seconds. The exchange is best utilized onto polyester and other non cotton textures that are hard to print utilizing customary DTG printing.

DTG is planned transcendently for cotton articles of clothing, DTF won’t ever swap DTG for cotton printing, however it is a decent elective when getting going in business because of its lower level of speculation for a work area variant or a completely computerized framework for large scale manufacturing moves.

DTF printing is another innovation to address the old screen printing short highlight print on dull tones T-shirts.In the old way,If individuals need to print on Dim shading shirts should have to screen the white base with screen printing machine on the shirt first and afterward print the tones on it.It will cost high and take any longer time and individuals work. also, use DTG printing to print on T-shirt,but the inks are extravagant.

So individuals foster DTF printing ,It can print on the exchange films with tones and white color,then add the uncommon paste powder on the printing.after cured,the powder will be transparent.and then warmth press to a wide range of T-shirts,labels,Cap,Bag, etc.

DTF PET Film Printer

Four characteristics of DTF PET Film Printing:

1. Bright colors, clear and fragile shading coordinating, and uncommon photograph impacts;

2. Prolongation opposition, clear rebuilding impact, shading speed to washing;

3. Great at mirroring the refinement of examples and enhancements of shallow change;

4. Use SGS green natural security (public standard material items: all out lead, nine significant metal components, phthalates, azo colors, natural tin, benzene arrangement, formaldehyde content);

For whom is the DTF technique suitable?

It is a perfect technique for for each one of the individuals who are keen on presenting the customization of Shirts and some other material (pads, covers, packs, pullovers … ) in their cotton , polyester or any shading blend business in with a low speculation.
If you already practice sublimation of articles, the DTF printing is a perfect complementary technique to get more economic performance from your business.

Nowadays, it isn’t just a merciful shirt. PET film printing (DTF printing) is normally used to tweak polo shirts, short-sleeved shirts, attire shoes and caps, rucksacks, gear calfskin merchandise, brand names, and so forth It has both solid social and creative articulation and elaborate properties. , The trademark culture is novel, delicate touch, launderable, clear and fragile examples, which couldn’t measure up to other warm exchange measure items.

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