Domestic digital sublimation printers—Advantages & Precautions

Domestic digital sublimation printers are now the choice of many printing industries, including foreign customers. Why domestic digital sublimation printers have so much charm? Why domestic digital printing machines so popular? Let’s take a look at its advantages.

  1. Low price of Domestic digital sublimation printers

This is the most affordable for users. Domestic digital sublimation printers have low investment, fast return, stable performance, and good cost performance. Different from these famous Japanese Mimaki/ Mutoh/ Roland/Epson printers, etc., you deserve it. you know it is risky to invest hundreds of thousands of foreign machines;

  1. Indoor and outdoor printing  by domestic digital sublimation printers

The domestic dye sublimation printer suits for both inside and outside printing. Besides, reduce costs and improve work efficiency;

  1. Convenient after-sales service of domestic digital sublimation printers

The accessories are easy to buy, low price, and low warranty cost. Compared with before, now we have a professional after-sales team, and the service has been greatly improved. For example, the Sublistar® digital printing machine provides 24-month warranty. it’s convenient to remote control or door-to-door maintenance;

  1. Domestic digital sublimation printers are fully equipped

Grouped equipment including heat dryer, two-end environmental protection, and energy-saving control external drying fan to prevent paper scraping, automatic paper feeding, automatic take-up-reel system;

  1. High resolution of domestic digital sublimation printers

High printing resolution, clear pictures, suitable for various sublimation papers of high and low weight.

The above is an introduction to some of the advantages of domestic digital printing machines. This is why many people buy domestic digital printing machines.

Many people think Chinese domestic sublimation printers’ quality is not good, easy to break down. This is because you don’t know how to keep maintenance for it.

Winter is coming now, and the temperature is relatively low. Many customers don’t know how to maintain domestic digital sublimation printers under low-temperature conditions. To some extent, it increases the loss of digital printers, and in severe cases affects the service life of domestic digital sublimation printers. SUBLISATR® summarizes several digital printing machine models and gives you a general introduction.

sublimation printer

Maintenance tips for domestic digital dye-sublimation printers under low-temperature conditions:

The temperature is dropping day by day, and it is getting colder, winter is coming. Do you know how to maintain the textile sublimation printer?

Tip 1

As we know that there are many foggy days than the usual days in winter. this will lead to a problem that the heavy dusk will clog the printer’s head nozzles. Take our domestic dye sublimation printer as an example, it is equipped with 8 pcs Epson I3200 heads, every head has 3200 pcs nozzles, these nozzles are easily be influenced by the dust. So, remember to close the window and door to avoid the dust, and always make sure the carriage is back to the cleaning and moisturizing capping station after the printing work is done. Cleaning the printer and covering the printer with dust-free cloth is also a good way to avoid head clogging.

digital sublimation printer

Tip 2

The best indoor working temperature for digital sublimation printer is 15℃-30℃. In addition, when the temperature is too low, the ink flow will not be as smooth as usual, causing the clogging of the printer head. Therefore, if you are going to use domestic sublimation printer in winter, it is suggested to install air conditioners in the room. This is to control the best working environment temperature. it will help you a lot for maximizing the productivity of your heat transfer printer.

Tip 3

Static electricity is a major risk that will do damage your domestic dye sublimation printer throughout the year. so anti-static protection in winter is also very important. Static electricity will influence the fly ink drop that causes poor printing quality. if things go worse, it will do damage to the printer’s head. Therefore, Before using the digital printing machine, connecting the earth wire in the right way, and at the same time, keep the indoor humidity between 35%-65% to eliminate the Static electricity.

Tip 4

In winter, the ink density of domestic digital sublimation printers will become large, and it is easy to block the nozzle. Therefore, the user must polish his eyes when purchasing ink, and do not buy inferior ink cheaply. Should choose the ink with good weather resistance and good quality, it is best to original ink, such as flying butterfly ink, using imported raw materials, printing is smooth, affected by temperature, long-term output continuous line. Finally, the ink is stored in an environment of 15-30 °C.

dye sublimation ink

Tip 5

As we all know, using poor quality dye sublimation ink is very harmful to the nozzle. The burned nozzle of the digital printing machine affects the printing effect. Besides, also increases the operating cost and damages the printing machine. The cheapest price to buy a digital printing machine is several thousand. While the expensive one is tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.  If purchase low-quality ink will seriously damage equipment, it is really not worth the loss. Therefore, suggest the majority of users purchase inks from regular manufacturers or use original inks for digital printing machines.

When preparing to start the domestic digital dye-sublimation printer, do not immediately turn it on. This is more dangerous because of the high and low-temperature changes during the New Year. This will easily form condensation on the surface of the object. Be especially careful when the indoor temperature is low, and there is heating in the workroom after the holidays.

Sublistar is the manufacturer of wide-format dye-sublimation printers based in China, we produce digital sublimation printers range from 3 head to 8 heads. if you need more details and suggestions, feel free to send us an inquiry.

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