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DTF Film Printer Starts New Digital Printing Era

Asking yourself two questions can help you to understand why DTF film printer is so important. Why has the DTF film printer enjoyed such a long history of great success? Why does it still draw thousands of loyal clients today?

The DTF solution is a practical textile technique that helps garment decorators with inventory issues. Additionally, it eliminates the requirement for pretreatment and separates printing from application (via the transfer film). Transfers so allow for high throughput per hour with just a desktop heat press machine.
The fact that the printing process with DTF film printer doesn’t take place directly on the fabric makes it much more similar to dye sublimation. Compared to DTG printing, sublimation has the capacity to harness a clean printing environment.

Due to the stability of the film transfers and its ability to be stored for long periods of time without dye migration or moisture influencing the transfer, DTF printing offers greater flexibility than dye sublimation. This is another distinctive quality that makes the DTF printing appealing over the long run for retailers looking for lower inventories and more flexibility.

To use a traditional DTF machine, in addition to buying a printer, you have to buy a laminating machine and a lettering machine. Especially in the face of complex patterns, you have to buy a good laser engraving machine. The decentralized operation between various machines requires the cooperation of multiple personnel, with complex processes and slow efficiency. The investment in laminating machines, lettering machines, and laser engraving machines ranges from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, and the actual utilization rate is unknown.

Speed has been a prime concern for DTG printers for a long time, and it is currently one of the key elements influencing the DTG platform in which manufacturers decide to invest.
DTF printing patterns can create transfers using DTF technology that can be used on virtually any untreated substrate. The use of mechanical powder adhesives makes this possible. These particles prevent sublimation gases from moving, offer a very smooth hand, and enable the transfer to stretch further than is possible with any other digital transfer process. Powder adhesives are utilized in a wide range of applications and come in more than 300 different varieties, including low-temperature varieties that may be applied at temperatures as low as 225°F.

Other powders have improved washability and can melt and transfer at higher temperatures, making them perfect for the textile industry’s strict wash requirements. There are other powders for leather, nylon, polyester, and other materials on the market.

DTF technology will continue to be the subject of innovation.

DTF printer

Why are DTF film printer pricing from various manufacturers so disparate?

1. Various manufacturers employ various pricing techniques.

2. Machines from various manufacturers have varying levels of quality.

3. Even when identically configured, printing results produced by machines different from manufacturers.

4. Different manufacturers have various operational expenses.

Different DTF film printer manufacturers have different reputations and brands. Manufacturers with high brand awareness and good reputation will naturally have higher prices for their DTF film printers. What’s more, the quality of the machines of different manufacturers is not the same.
Even if the machines of the same model and configuration are produced by different manufacturers, their quality varies greatly. A machine with good quality must be made of good raw materials, good parts, rigorous assembly, excellent quality inspection. The effect of the superposition of many aspects such as testing, any link, is all money piled up, so the price of a good quality DTF film printer is naturally higher.
The effect of different manufacturers’ machines is not the same.
The same model and the same configuration, even if you print the exact same picture, the results printed by different manufacturers’ machines are also very different. Everyone likes good things, but the price of a DTF film printing machine with a good effect is naturally higher. Finally, the operating costs of different manufacturers are not the same.
There are many factors that affect the operating cost of factories, such as rent, labor, efficiency, quality, raw materials, etc. These costs will eventually be passed on to consumers, so the price of DTF film printers in factories with higher operating costs is naturally higher.

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