DTF Film Printing – What’s Her Charm In The Digital Printing Industry?

Behind the “flocking” of DTF film printing in the digital printing industry, what is her charm?

As we all know, the hottest topic in the digital printing industry recently is DTF film printing. However, why is DTF film printing so popular? Why are so many machine manufacturers doing this program? Let’s take a look!

The origin of DTF film printing is because of its printing effect, the pattern is clear and realistic, and it can achieve the effect of photos. Some people named it as offset heat transfer according to Kodak. Heat transfer is actually a long-standing industry. The traditional heat transfer market is very mature, and inkjet heat transfers have also existed very early, such as thermal transfer heat transfer, pigment heat transfer, and eco-solvent heat transfer. There are inkjet solutions, but the market is tepid.

The emergence of DTF film printing has completely ignited the entire heat transfer market. The reasons are as follows:

DTF Film Printing1. The process is simple and easy to copy, and the popularity is strong

All trends must be simple and easy to copy. After the original heat transfer is digitally printed, the printed pattern needs to be engraved and cut with an engraving machine to remove excess waste other than the pattern. The process of DTF film printing is to print the ink directly on the film, dust it, and heat it. Color, no need to engrave and discharge waste, the process is simple, the core is that the heat transfer of dark fabrics is directly sprayed with color and white, and dark fabrics can be directly transferred as light-colored heat transfers. All heat transfers in one process can be used. Transfer printing is simple and easy to operate.

2. Low investment threshold and rapid market development

DTF film printing equipment mainly includes printers, dusters, and hot presses. The overall cost of the overall solution is low, the investment threshold is low, and the area is small, and it is easy to enter the market from large factories to small self-employed people. So The entire popularity development is very fast.

3. High flexibility, reduce inventory costs

Another feature of DTF film printing is its flexibility, which can effectively reduce inventory costs. In the past, T-shirts sold on the market often had to be printed in advance and stocked. Now, DTF film printing is used. It is only necessary to store the heat transfer film according to the market situation. If customers place an order, they will be processed into T-shirts. Reduce inventory costs, improve capital turnover and use efficiency. Especially for e-commerce companies, you only need to place a sample online, receive orders through online channels, and then transfer them, which greatly reduces inventory costs, and can launch new products in time according to the changes in market trends at any time to satisfy the majority of customer groups Personalized requirements.

Recently, Sublistar has upgraded and optimized DTF printers in the following areas::

  • Staggered Inkjet Printing
  • Tension Control System
  • Powder Box Upgrade
  • Suction System Upgrade

new features of Sublistar DTF printer

From the original linear inkjet printing method to staggered inkjet printing, the printing speed is doubled than original speed.

With automatic deviation correction, the film will not run off, will not arch, and will not wipe the nozzle. White ink and CMYK ink fits perfectly.

Upgraded the location of the suction system to dissipate heat and extend the life of the motor.

Conical powder box, reduce the burden on the motor, and extend the life of the motor.

The original product advantage is still there!

The new generation DTF machine configured automatic recycling powder, more cost-effective than manual recycling.

The white ink circulatory system prevents sediment causing the nozzle to be blocked.

Improve the adhesion and curing ability of the ink, avoid ink bleeding under low temperature conditions.

Vacuum adsorption conveying platform, absorbing the print material to ensure that the material does not bulge or run off.

The touch screen device is easy to operate. Just touch the desired option to easily navigate through all the menus. The user-friendly nature of the touch screen also helps to save time.

Infrared drying, heating and fixing the color to better protect the printed color.

In the field of digital printing, Sublistar has been exploring good products suitable for the development of the industry and the market. It is responsibility for us to provide users with more application solutions, and has made achievements in the fields of textile printing, advertising and more. With the launch of new products, Sublistar DTF Printing Solution hope to bring you better user experience!

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