DTF Film Printing – The Comprehensive Solution for All Fabrics!

There are many printing methods for printing on fabrics. The most familiar ones are sublimation printing and DTG printing. Today we will mainly introduce DTF film printing. This is currently the most popular fabric printing method. Although this technology still has its shortcomings and is constantly being explored and improved, it is still loved by many people. It cannot be said that DTF film printing is the best fabric printing method, but as far as the scope of application is concerned, this technology is indeed an innovation in the fabric printing industry and has won praise from professionals in the industry. Let us first take a look at the substrate fabrics that are mainly suitable for dye sublimation printing and DTG printing.

Dye sublimation is a gorgeous procedure to print on a vast determination of materials: polyester, plastic, ceramic, nylon, lycra, spandex and so on. This printing approach is appropriate for t-shirts, bathing suits, athletic gear, bathe curtains, wrist bands for events, flip flops, coasters, mugs, flooring mats, mouse pads, and more. However, sublimation printing does now not work on herbal textiles like cotton due to the fact the vaporized ink can bypass thru the garment fibers except bonding to them.

The most appropriate textiles for DTG printing that are considered: Cotton, Combed Cotton, Organic Cotton, Linen, light-colored polyester and blends. But DTG printing is confined to cotton clothes and white clothes and for different fabrics, its switch impact is no longer ideal.

DTF printing can be utilized on a extensive vary of substances including, cotton, nylon, handled leather, polyester, 50/50 blends and greater (light and darkish fabrics).

Considered the holy grail of the direct-to t-shirt market, direct-to-film printers create designs with shiny colours and clear patterns, which stop up searching comparable to a ordinary screen-printed shirt. The shirts have a satisfactory texture, and the ink can commonly maintain up nicely on all sorts of fabrics.

People in the enterprise have come to seek advice from about our Sublistar DTF printer, and now the market is booming. Why Sublistar DTF PET Film Printing Machine is turning into extra and extra popular?

In general, there are these new allure of our DTF-6002 ProMax:

The new technology of dual-nozzle staggered printing science radically improves the printing speed, 4pass accuracy surpasses 6pass.

Vacuum adsorption conveying platform, absorbing the print fabric to make certain that the cloth does now not bulge or run off.

Tension manipulate gadget routinely controls tension all through DTF flm printing processes.

Conical powder box, decrease the burden on the motor and lengthen the existence of the motor.

Now the digital offset warmness switch powder shaker can be stated to be in the limelight. Many company machines have corresponding product launches. But for regular brands, the computing device is extraordinarily expensive, and it is challenging for normal entrepreneurs to have enough money it.

DTF printers additionally combine reliability, unmatched high-quality and excessive productivity. They can take care of massive manufacturing volumes, which is indispensable in this fast-growing industry.

This new DTF printing over common printing is that it is quite sustainable. There is no query that the trend enterprise is increasingly more focusing on sustainability.

Now the offset warmth switch powder shaking computing device on the market is like a hundred vegetation blooming, and there are many categories. Welcome to go to our manufacturing facility or video indicates the benefits of our products. You will get the allure of our product.

If you are engaged in T-shirt printing, sportswear and other businesses, DTF printers must be your best choice. DTG printing makes up for the shortcomings of dye sublimation printing, but DTG is suitable for small batch business, and DTF makes up for this shortcoming. . It is believed that this technology will become more and more mature in continuous improvement, bringing new breakthroughs to the textile printing industry.

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