DTF PET Film Printing – The Best Way for Fabric Printing

Why is DTF printing the best way to print fabrics? Since the emergence of this technology, DTF PET film printing has maintained a high degree of popularity. What is the reason? I have summarized the following points.

1.Wide Range of Applications

One of the benefits of DTF PET film printer is that it permits you to work with any kind of fabric, now not just cotton. DTG printing makes up for the shortcomings of dye sublimation printing that can’t print on 100% cotton, however DTG is suitable for small batch business, and DTF film printing makes up for this shortcoming. DTF PET film printing offers you much greater flexibility, as you can print on a range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, rayon, nylon, silk, leather, and more. Having the capability to produce quick and long-run full coloration transfers for clothes and textiles, regardless of color or composition. DTF is well matched with cotton, polyester, leather, softshell, overall performance fabrics, pique blends, canvas, denim and a good deal more.

DTF PET Film Printing


2.Simple Operation

In DTF printing, as it is pre-printed on a film, which will have to be transferred, there is no want to pre-treat the fabric. This kind of DTF PET film printing will require the use of an adhesive powder, which will be used simply after printing the ink on the film. On printers in particular created for DTF this step is blanketed in the printer itself, so you keep away from any guide steps. New method is simple, first off print the roll-fed lined PET film the use of a one-of-a-kind pigment based totally textile printing ink and then gently coat the printed switch with a special hot-melt adhesive powder. The switch is cured the usage of both the computerized roll fed unit, heat press or regular dryer. You can observe the transfers right now to the garment. No pre-treatment is required.

DTF is an thrilling addition to garment ornament that you can’t ignore. Some have shied away from DTG printing in the previous due to the fact of the pre-treatment procedure required when the usage of white ink. DTF breaks this cycle and requires no pre-treatment however nonetheless gives the tender hand water based totally ink produces.

DTF Printer

3.Good transfer effect

While in DTG the drawing and the inks are built-in with the cloth and the experience is rougher, like the base itself, in DTF the fixing powder makes it sense plastic, shinier, and much less built-in with the fabric. However, this additionally offers a feeling of larger exceptional in the colors, as they are pure, the base colour does now not intervene. For these searching for an low-cost and dependable choice to DTG, however select the seem and sense of material inks. DTF PET film printing technological know-how is precisely what you are searching for. This new science bridges the hole between DTG, display screen printing and the normal switch printing methods. Above all the completed transfers provide amazing durability, stretchable and splendid experience and shiny colours.

Because the durability is better via the exclusive ink and adhesive, DTF PET film printing is perfect for workwear. The print doesn’t crack like display screen printing as it has a very smooth hand due to the water-based ink used. This makes the machine ideal for clothes like overalls, high viz, fitness center and biking wear.

DTF Printing


4.Technology is becoming mature

Amongst its many features SUBLISTAR printer consists of the ink mixing characteristic to make sure the ideal circulation of the white ink ensuing in minimal upkeep or manufacturing issues. Sublistar has upgraded and optimized DTF printers in the following areas: Staggered Inkjet Printing, Tension Control System, Powder Box Upgrade, Suction System Upgrade…For more advantages compared with other normal printers, please visit our website or contact us directly!

Sublistar has been exploring good products suitable for the development of the industry and the market. Whether it is sublimation printers and consumables or DTG, DTF printing and some other equipment and consumables, we can provide you with them.

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