Constant Tension Control System

What’s new in DTF Printer recently?

Some time ago, our Sublistar DTF Printer has been receiving attention, especially the continuously updated details, and new features. The dust-collecting and smoke-free function is highly praised by customers. Some time ago, I also mentioned the non-stop paper feeding and printing function and the constant tension paper feeding system!

Some people may wonder, what is the function of continuous paper feeding and printing? Isn’t DTF Printer running all the time? It is always in operation, but the traditional DTF Printer printing mode is one round and one round. And the newly-added non-stop paper feeding and printing function have changed the traditional mode, printing while feeding paper without interruption. With another tension retracting system, it can ensure that the paper feed is more stable and accurate, and large rolls can also be printed easily.

So what are the advantages of printing without interruption?

  1. Compared with the traditional printing method, it saves a lot of paper feeding time, and the printing efficiency and speed are more than doubled on the original basis.
  2. Continuous paper feeding and printing dots will not reduce the part that should be printed because of the fast paper feeding, which saves time. On the contrary, the paper feeding position is more densely covered, and the accuracy of 4PASS exceeds the accuracy of 6PASS printed by most DTF Printers on the market.
  3. Uninterrupted paper feeding and printing with the new constant tension paper feeding system can perfectly solve the problems of Yin and Yang, broken ink, and different shades caused by inaccurate paper feeding, and can guarantee the delivery rate and high quality!

Constant Tension Control SystemThis time we split the printer part and the powder shaker part of the DTF Printer to introduce. Introduce the characteristics and advantages of the printer and the advantages and characteristics of the duster respectively.

Printer features:

High-speed printing 20㎡/hour, high-definition mode 15㎡/hour, high-speed mode printing effect surpasses the printing effect of high-definition machines on the market. We all come to a conclusion from a number of comparative experiments. Believe in the ultimate choice of customers.

Precise paper feeding is to replace paper feeding which is affected by the size of the paper diameter due to the rotation of the traditional motor. Because the different paper diameters produce different tensions, the tension has a great influence on the printing step. Sublistar DTF Printer’s constant tension paper feeding function and 1.5 times damping paper feeding function, the paper pressing area is larger, it overcomes the influence of tension, supports large rolls, and rejects paper arching.

Compared with other brands of DTF Printer that only has a white ink circulation system, our DTF Printer color, and white double-circulation ink supply. And it has a PLC control ink supply system, which can independently adjust the pressure and flow rate, overcome and reduce the occurrence of ink breaks, and reduce the influence of external temperature.

Standard Epson original i3200-A1 print head, high speed, high resolution, durable.

Constant tension paper feeding: It can ensure that the white color printing is in place accurately, and the paper will not run off when shaking. The printing effect is more brilliant.

The heating system of the original DTF Printer is adjusted to heat the front and rear platforms to ensure drying and protect the motor. The service life of the machine will be shortened due to excessive heating.

Paper shortage sensor, ink supply from a large ink bottle, and ink shortage alarm. It allows employees to be more worry-free during the operation and prevents the normal operation of the DTF Printer from being affected by the lack of similar consumables.

The integrated lifting maintenance station with a timing flash spray function better maintains the nozzle.

The white ink circulation system is equipped with a Carmel stepper peristaltic pump. The ink path and paper feeding system are controlled by PLC, the pressure controls the white ink, the ink supply is stable and continuous, the industrial-grade processing long beam, the Japanese THK guide rail, and the integrated heavy-duty tripod.

DTF Printer ink supply system

Features of the duster

Most of the panels on the market are manual operation panels. Our DTF Printer is equipped with a smart PLC control panel to easily control all functions. With different languages, temperature, and humidity, and other conditions settings, you can complete the settings through the touch screen. And can monitor the operating status of the inductor motor, with graphic manuals, easy to operate.

Turn on the automatic mode, you can complete the powder loading, powder coating, shaking powder, heating, winding, easy and simple to complete the order production.

The special heating mode perfectly adapts to the high-speed machine drying requirements. It is baked dry, non-sticky, and guarantees the production rate.

Exclusive conical special baffle, powder blocking device, powder running the sensor, powder on demand, long time 0 powder back demand, and powder sensor.

Automatic one-piece design, easy to complete independent production, 0 times the demand for automatic induction of powder, sitting at the desk only need to process the pictures in front of the computer.

The above is the latest development of our DTF Printer. If you want to know more about DTF Printer, you can follow us or check our previous news.

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