DTF-1200series STAR IV DTF Printer & Shaker

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Feature: DTF-1200 STAR Ⅳ is a large format high-end and versatile DTF printing solution to meet various requirements in the fabric printing application. The maximum printing width is 1200mm. Max print speed up to 34m2/h.
This series of film printing machines are characterized by an extended fluorescent color range (including fluorescent pink and yellow). On the one hand, it is compatible with 2/3 /4 printheads to meet different printing needs.
On the other hand, the shaker is equipped with double ovens and double purifiers to quickly process the printed images. Its consistent quality and less downtime can be achieved by core in-line cleaning and nozzle recovery technology.
All these features and functions can help save maintenance and production costs. Mass production, wide format printing, and fast output!

Print Head: Epson I3200 print heads.
Max Print Size: 1200mm Print Width.
Print Speed: 3.5-34m2/h
Ink Type: CMYK+W/CMYK+Fluorescent Colors+W/CMYK+CMYK+W


Warranty: 24 months (Ink system, printheads and ink capping are not covered)

International Shipping: DHL,FedEX,By Air,By Sea

Explore DTF 1200series Star IV Core Technologies

The 1200series Star IV DTF Printer & Shaker Machine contains the latest technology of sublistar dtf, which professionally combines quality and high speed. The configuration of double oven and double purification can quickly and effectively process the printed images.

DTF-1200 series star iv

Staggered Printing Technology

Staggered printheads for variable dot printing provide natural, vibrant prints and enhanced color saturation.

Advanced Media System

Advanced algorithms and tension-controlled paper feeding are used to reduce visible streaks and uneven color printing, as well as blurred borders of printing.

DTF-1200 series star iv

Expansive Gamut Output

4-color or 8-color configurations with orange, red, green, blue, fluorescent yellow, and fluorescent pink ink additions to producing unique special effects.

DTF-1200 series star iv

Double Oven Double Purifier

Independently controlled 2 ovens and 2 purifiers realize fast production and high-quality output of long-run printing.

dtf features

Nozzle Recovery System

Intelligent online moisturizing and automatic cleaning functions ensure that the nozzles are always in perfect condition.

DTF-1200 series star iv

Intuitive Touch Screen Panel

Both the printer and shaker are equipped with a user-friendly simple, intuitive and easy-to-operate control panel.

Professional Features

White Ink Circulation System
The continuous circulation of white ink can effectively prevent precipitation and reduce the probability of clogging the print head.
Bulk Ink Supply
Large-capacity ink supply system for uninterrupted, unattended production.
Intelligent Platform Heaters
Three-segment printing platform and print head heating system with independent control adapt to different printing environments.
MPM(Multi-Printer Manager)
One computer to manage multiple printers, helping workers to control machine production more quickly and further improve production efficiency.
Closed Cure Oven
The infrared oven is heated up and down, so that the transfer film is heated more uniform.
Environmental Smoke Purither
Integrated all-in-one smoke purifier to liqueflate the smoke without pollution into oil.
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Born for professional high-speed apparel printing

1200star IV large format DTF printing solution includes technologically advanced and user-friendly DTF printers and powder shakers, designed to meet the diverse needs of apparel fabric professionals. Combines with new Star IV core technology for exceptional color quality!

Epson I3200-A1 Print Head

DTF-1200 STAR IV using Epson I3200 print heads. Epson I3200 head has 3200 nozzles, a resolution of 600npi, jetting frequency higher than DX5 and xp600, and also color saturation, printing speed, and printing accuracy are better, and the price is low. Very cost-effective

Ink TypesWater based ink
Size(width x depth x height)(mm)69.1×59.4×35.6
Nozzle Numbers3200
Length Between Nozzles(inch)1/300(in one row)
Nozzle Row8row
Max color/head4colors
Resolution300npi/1row 600npi/2row
Effective Printing Width(mm)33.8
Jet Freqency(kHz)43.2(single dot), 21.6(multi dot)
Ink Drops(pl)3.8-6-12(9.4)
Ink Viscosity(mPa.s)3~4


DTF PET Film Inkjet Printer
Item ModelDTF-1202 STAR IVDTF-1203 STAR IVDTF-1204 STAR IV
Print HeadUsing Epson print head, including 400 nozzles/row*8*lines, high quality up to 1800dpi
Print Resolution / Speed4pass:10m2/h – 15m2/h4pass:12m2/h4pass:22m2/h – 34m2/h
6pass:6.5m2/h- 10m2/h6pass:8m2/h6pass:16m2/h- 24m2/h
8pass:3.5m2/h – 6m2/h8pass:6m2/h8pass:12m2/h – 16m2/h
Types If LWater Based Ink, Dye Ink, Sublimation Ink
inK Capacity5 Colors: 1.5L*5/color9 Colors: 1.5L*9/color5 Colors: 1.5L*9/color
Media TypePP Synthetic Paper, Vinyl Sheet, Film, Coated Paper, Canvas , Adhesive Vinyl Sheet, Banner and so on
Media HeaterFront/Mid/Rear Heaters (individually controllable)
InterfaceUSB 2.0
RIP SoftwareMaintop6.1, Photoprint, Print Factory
Operation EnvironmentTemperature:20°C- 35°C, Humidity:35%RH-65%RH
Printer Size2466mm  L x 1514.8mm W x 853mm H
Packing Size2540mm  L x 1060mm W x 700mm H
DTF Powder Shaker And Dryer
Operation ModePLC Touch Screen
Max Width1200mm
Voltage220-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Shaker Size2450mm L x 1900mm W(with Air Filter) x 1060mm H
Packing Size2300mm L x 1980mm W x 1140mm H

BUY 1 GET More !

Buy any SUBLISTAR DTF machine, you will get the highest quality DTF starter kit printing supplies for free.
DTF Starter Kit Includes: Film: 0.6m*100m/0.3m*100m roll size
DTF Powder: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
DTF Ink: 1000ml*5 (c,m,y,k+w)
Rip software: Flexi Print/Maintop
Sublistar DTF environment settings
Sublistar DTF instructional video

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  1. Charlotte

    Amazing! This DTF printer has been working with other DTF printers together smoothly supported by MPM. The only thing Sublistar can improve is to specify clear differences, advantages among the variants. Had no idea which to order until discussed with veteran.

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