DTF-A3+ STAR IV DTF Printer & Shaker

Feature: A3+ STAR Ⅳ is a new generation of the digital revolution, creating a new digital dtf film printing process. The function of low maintenance time can be realized.  Print width 12”(300cm). The desktop design DTF printer is suitable for starting a business and providing customized service.

Print Head:  F1080 (XP600)
Max Print Size: 300mm Print Width
Print Speed: 3-8m2/h
Ink Type: CMYK+W


$5700~8000 MSRP

Explore DTF A3+ Star IV Series Core Technologies

The DTF-A3 Star IV delivers high image quality, productivity, and reliability in a highly intuitive design,
providing advanced features for the apparel printing industry, including:

Epson PrecisionCore® Printhead Technology

Printhead with XP600 nozzles for industrial-quality output at impressive production speeds. Stable and low maintenance time.

Print head heating system

By heating the ink damper and the carriage base, the printer can work normally in a lower-temperature environment. In the printing process, ensure good fluidity of the ink.

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Front, Middle & Rear Printing Platform Heating

The drying process can start immediately after printing. The white ink layer on top dries to the touch and is ready to receive a specialized powder adhesive coating.

Auto in-line moisturizing

Automatic spraying of moisturizing liquid can effectively slow down the drying speed of the ink in the nozzle and prevent clogging.

Epson F1080(XP600) Print Head

DTF-A3 STAR IV using Epson F1080 print heads. It is an economical printhead, designed as a water-based head. The price is very cheap, the stability is moderate and it is widely accepted by the market. It is mainly used for small environmentally friendly solvent ink printers or roller UV printers.

ModelF1080 (XP600)
Ink TypesEco-solvent ink, UV
Size(width x depth x height)(mm)84.9×57.2×42.6
Nozzle Numbers1080
Length Between Nozzles(inch)180
Nozzle Row6row
Max color/head6colors(180dpi/color)
Resolution180npi/row 360dpi/2row
Effective Printing Width(mm)25.4
Jet Freqency(kHz)46(single dot),11.52(multi dot)
Ink Drops(pl)4.5-9-20-40
Ink Viscosity(mPa.s)3~5

Working Process

Design Pattern

Use photoshop, illustrator or other software to design your pattern.

Print Your Design

Adjust the printer parameters in the RIP software and use our printer and ink to print your pattern.


Turn on the switch of the powder shaking machine, the machine will automatically powdering, and dry and fix the color.

Heat Press

Use a heat press machine, set the temperature to 180 degrees, and time 15 seconds to transfer.

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New Feature

DTF STAR series has greatly improved printing technology: Automatic In-Line moisturizing system, Front, middle, and rear heating devices, and Simultaneous White and full color. Improving the machine’s stability, prolonging machine parts’service life, and making the machine more efficient.


Print HeadF1080(xp600)
Precision / Print speed4pass: 8m2/hour
6pass: 5m2/hour
8pass: 3m2/hour
InkPigment Ink (C M Y BK LC LM+W)
Maximum Width300mm
Print MediaPP Synthetic Paper \ PET Film \ DTF Paper
Print InterfaceRJ45  Cable interface
RIP   SoftwareHemo Driver / Maintop6.1 / Photoprint / Print Factory
PowerAC110V / AC220V / 50/60HZ
Operating EnvironmentsTemperature: 20℃-35℃, Humidity: 35%RH-65%RH
Dimensions of  Printer (L x W x H)980(L) x 630(W) x 530(H) mm
Dimensions of  Packing (L x W x H)1100(L) x 680(W) x 760(H) mm
Net Weight80KG
Gross Weight120KG
DTF Powder Shaker and Dryer(S8)
Operation Mode:PLC Touch Screen
Oven Temp.:Adjustable
Voltage:110v/220v, 3phase, 60Hz
Shaker Size:1500mm L x 720mm W(with Air Filter) x 670mm H
Shaker Weight:100kg


Buy any SUBLISTAR DTF machine, you will get the highest quality DTF starter kit printing supplies for free. DTF Starter Kit Includes:
Film: 0.6m*100m/0.3m*100m roll size (cold peel)
Powder: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
Ink: 1000ml*6 (c,m,y,k+w)
Sublistar DTF environment settings
Sublistar DTF instructional video

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