DTF-A3+ Ultra A All-in-one DTF Printing Machine

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Feature: DTF-A3 Ultra A all-in-one DTF printer integrates DTF printing and TPU powder processing, creating a new digital DTF film printing process. Use the latest Epson I1600-A1 print head and the latest S9 shaker technology. Provide a one-stop solution for garment printing. Epson’s unique variable size droplet technology (vsdt) smooth gradients with free control spray droplet volume. S9 is the latest generation of DTF shaker, developed by Sublistar in early 2022. The S9 series DTF powder shaker has lower energy consumption is more environmentally friendly and has a high efficiency of 3.5 kilowatts. Small footprint and complete functions are its advantages. Available in 2 print sizes: 12″ (300cm) and 18″ (450cm).

Print Head: Epson F1080/I3200 print heads.
Print Speed: 3.5-10m2/h


Warranty: 24 months (Ink system, printheads and ink capping are not covered)

International Shipping: DHL,FedEX,By Air,By Sea

Explore DTF Ultra A Series Core Technologies

This integrated DTF printer aims to make your mind a reality and provide a perfect solution for the customization of small personalized clothing. It can be applied to dark or light fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, 50/50 mixtures, amino, leather, nylon, etc.

dtf features

White Ink Filtration & Circulation System

White ink circulation and filtration can effectively prevent sedimentation and ensure the effective output of ink.

dtf features

Print head heating system

By heating the ink damper and the carriage base, the printer can work normally in a lower-temperature environment. In the printing process, ensure good fluidity of the ink.

a3 ultra dtf printer
dtf features

Auto in-line moisturizing

Automatic spraying of moisturizing liquid can effectively slow down the drying speed of the ink in the nozzle and prevent clogging.

Integrated TPU powder treatment

Automatic evenly spread powder, fast solidification, smoke -free treatment ensure the exquisite output of the finished product.

Latest Epson I1600-A1 Print Head

Ultra A (all-in-one) DTF Printer using Epson’s latest I1600 print heads. Epson’s unique Variable Sized Droplet Technology
(VSDT) delivers smooth gradation by freely control
to eject the droplet volume.
Ink ejection of up to 4 colours realize with high resolution
(600 dpi/colour) meeting various customer needs, high durability, prolonging the life of the printer.

Epson Inkjet Head I1600-A1
ModelI 1600-A1
Ink TypesWater based ink
Size(width x depth x height)(mm)69.1×59.4×35.6
Nozzle Numbers1600
Nozzle pitch/nozzle row1/300 inch
Nozzle Row4 rows
Max color/head4colors
Nozzle Resolution300npi/1row 600npi/2row
Max. number of colour inks4 colours
Effective Printing Width(mm)33.8 mm (1.33 inches)
Jet Freqency(kHz)43.2(single dot), 21.6(multi dot)
Ink Drops(pl)3.8, 6, 12
Ink Viscosity(mPa.s)3~4

Professional Features

A3 Plus Ultra A all-in-one DTF printer, brings your ideas into reality, because of its small footprint and complete functions, it is very suitable for home, small business, and personalized clothing customization.

all in one dtf printer

Automatic Moisturizing System

Help to maintain a certain level of humidity even when the machine is not working for a long time. Effectively relieve the drying speed of ink in the printhead and prevents clogging it.

all in one dtf printer

Temperature & Humidity Monitor

The temperature and humidity can be seen on the smart screen, and the parameters can be adjusted according to the room temperature in time to avoid a negative impact on printing due to too low or too high temperature.

all in one dtf printer

Front, Middle & Rear Heating

With three-stage heating in the front, middle and rear, the drying process can start immediately after printing. The white ink layer on top is dry to the touch and can accept a specialized powder adhesive coating.

all in one dtf printer

White Ink Filtration & Circulation System

The continuous circulation of white ink can effectively prevent precipitation and reduce the probability of clogging the print head. After effective filtration, it can effectively prolong the service life of the print head and save costs.

all in one dtf printer

Power-off Protection

It can avoid the interruption of the power supply that may burn the printheads, which helps print continuous and stable output, extend the service life of the printhead, and effectively save production costs.

all in one dtf printer

Cart Collision Avoidance System

The anti-collision function of the trolley can effectively protect the print heads, greatly delay the damage of the print heads, prolong the use time of the print heads.
all in one dtf printer

Integrated TPU Powder Drying & Curing System

After the DTF printer is printing your design, the integrated automatic TPU adhesive powder shake will shake the powder evenly, and then directly melt the required amount of adhesive material to the printing image, saving time, energy and cost.

all in one dtf printer

Optional Take-up Reel System

Updated from the original single paper receiving system to a combination of paper receiving and clamping sticks, it can meet diversified production needs. With this function, both mass and single custom production can be made, which are more flexible and more adaptable to the changing market demand.

all in one dtf printer

Circulation Stirring Powder Box

The powder box is equipped with a stirrer, which can fully and continuously stir the hot-melt powder, non-stick and non-stick so that the powder can be evenly spread on the transfer film to ensure a smooth effect.

Meet Ultra A All-in-one DTF Printer


Model Type:DTF-300 Ultra A (all-in-one)DTF-450 Ultra A (all-in-one)
Print Head:XP600I3200-A1
Max Print Resolution:2400DPI
Ink Type:Pigment Ink (C M Y BK LC LM+W)Pigment Ink (C M Y BK+W)
Max Print Size:300mm450mm
Media Feeding Width:300mm450mm
Rip Software:Maintop RIP/PhotoPrint RIP/CADlink RIP
Operation Environment:Temperature 24°C~26°C, Humidity 50%~75%
Power Supply:110v/220v, 50/60Hz
Shaker Operation Mode: PLC Touch Screen
Shaker Oven Length:585mm
Shaker Oven Temp.: Adjustable
Package Size:2110*1130*940mm(L*W*H)2130*1600*1030mm(L*W*H)
Package Weight:240KG280KG
Applicable Substrate:Cotton, nylon, polyester, 50/50 blends, spandex, chemical fiber, leather, Etc.
Certifications:CE Marking (EMC, Low voltage, Machinery directive, and RoHS)

BUY 1 GET More !

Buy any SUBLISTAR DTF machine, you will get the highest quality DTF starter kit printing supplies for free.
DTF Starter Kit Includes: Film: 0.6m*100m/0.3m*100m roll size
DTF Powder: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
DTF Ink: 1000ml*5 (c,m,y,k+w)
Rip software: Flexi Print/Maintop
Sublistar DTF environment settings
Sublistar DTF instructional video

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  1. Ankur jalan

    I want this

  2. Vinod


  3. James Cornor

    Truly worthful DTF printer at A3 / A3+ size, complementary DTF powder, ink and paper.
    BTW, thanks for the support, made rookie mistake but got resolved.

  4. Vanessa

    happy with the fluorescent color printing

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