DTF Heat Transfer Film for Best DTF and T-shirt Printing


SUBLISTAR DTF films have exceptional ink receptivity and anti-static and anti-blocking properties. Our PET film is specially designed for DTF printers. Non-slip, no oil, no sticking, uniform coating, and easy to peel off. In addition, the final image can be enhanced with a matte, glitter, or shiny effect in hot or cold peel versions, as well as a super soft touch effect.


Size: 30cm/60cm/120cm*100m, A3, A4
Thickness: 90μ
Core: 3inch/2inch

Advantages of Sublistar Transfer Release DTF Film


  • Size: 30cm/60cm/120cm*100m, A3, A4
  • Both sides coating
  • Smooth and clean surface
  • 90μm thickness
  • Applicable ink: pigment ink
  • Scratch-resistant, non-fading, washable
  • 3 inch/2 inch core
  • Non-slip, no oil, no sticking, no static, uniform coating, easy to peel


Product Properties:

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Added Values:​

Classifications of Sublistar DTF film with Distinctive Visual Effects

Hot & Cold Peel DTF Film

The double coating melt DTF film can be peeled under hot or cold temperatures, and the coating is uniform and easy to peel off. It is tensile resistant without static electricity, and will not be stained with DTF powder. What’s more, it has good ink absorption, high output, and fast release speed. Suitable for multi-order selection with high efficiency, it is a very economical choice. 

DTF metallic gold Film

DTF gold foil is coated with gold glitter for impressive and exciting printing, providing a luxurious shiny metallic gold color. Ideal for signature logos and other products that require a refined metallic look.

DTF metallic silver Film

DTF silver film is coated with a special silver coating to provide a metallic silver transfer effect. Ideal for signature logos and other products that require a refined metallic look.

DTF metallic interstellar silver film

The irregular metallic silver coating gives this foil a graduated silver effect. Make your designs stunning and unique

DTF Rainbow Reflective Film

Reflective DTF film can elevate your printing cloth and design to a whole new level by adding a stunning reflective effect that catches the eye. The film’s ability to reflect light creates a unique visual impact, making your designs appear more vibrant and dynamic. Additionally, the film’s durability ensures that your designs remain attractive and long-lasting, even with regular use and washing.

DTF Temperature Change Film

DTF temperature change film is black at <30℃, and the design’s primary color is at >32℃. Usage: 150℃, 10-15 seconds. This can display the original design pattern as the temperature changes. This film has the advantages of being non-stick, non-slip, and oil-free.

DTF Luminous Film

DTF Luminous Film absorbs light during the day and shines on clothes at night. Full of personality, rich in color, environmentally friendly and healthy, washable, and easy to peel.

DTF Laser Reflective Film

The laser reflective DTF film looks the same as normal film, but the image after transfer will reflect brilliant color under direct light, which is amazing.

DTF High Gloss Reflective Silver Film

DTF High Gloss Reflective Silver Film is clearly stamped and highly reflective, suitable for night time when the reference is not clear, with strong reflective effect, with safety tips. The transfer film is easy to tear and resistant to washing.

DTF Cube 3D Effect Film

DTF Cube 3D Effect Film has a kind of Rubik’s Cube three-dimensionality and flow, seemingly on land but with a visual effect of swimming in water. Good transfer effect, no residue.

DTF Film Sample For Free

Hesitate to order our DTF pet film? Maybe you can take a sample test first. We provide free film samples for our favorite customers.

Specification of Sublistar DTF Film

D-30030cm * 100m2inch/3inch90|J-160|J4rolls/carton
D-60060cm * 100m2inch/3inch90|J-160|J2rolls/carton
D-1200120cm* 100m2inch/3inch90|J-160|J1rolls/carton
Transfer Temperature:130-160°C
Transfer Time:8-15s

Cold and hot peel-off application


Home Decoration
Textile Goods

Working Conditions of DTF Film

About Printing:

The image side is wound around the outside of the paper. Allow the printing ink to dry before transferring.

Testing Condition:

Ink-load: 400% Max; Transfer Temperature: 130-165℃; Transfer Time: 8-15 seconds

About Storage:

In order to protect unused transfer film, it is recommended to store it in its original packaging, in the poly bag, at 68°F–82°F (20°C–28°C) and 40–60% RH.

About Washing:

Washing in low temperatures, about 30-40 ℃ (86-104 F) or even at a cold wash and use medium washing cycles (600-800 rpm).


Can DTF film be reused more than once?

No. The coating on the DTF film is used up during the printing and transfer process. If you print again, the ink will flow away instead of sticking.

DTF printing is durable. DTF ink adheres well to fabrics, allowing designs to withstand multiple washes and sun exposures without fading or cracking.

Usually, consider the following 6 factors to choose the right DTF film ( How to Choose the Best DTF Film? The Ultimate Guide ) :

  • Ink-absorption capacity
  • Coating layer
  • Powder shaking effect
  • Release effect
  • Storage capacity
  • High temperature resistance

DTF film is produced on the base layer of the PET material, coated with release layer and ink-absorption layer. High quality film adds back coating to realize anti-static electricity and anti-adhesion continuous treatment.

DTF hot peel film is ideal for large volume printing onto common fabrics such as cotton T-shirt, the cold peel film is a better choice on print complex and fine small patterns onto special material such as tarpaulin, coated cloth, canvas and flannelette. (DTF Film: Hot Peel vs. Cold Peel, Which Is Really Better? How to Choose?)

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