DTF Powder Shaker Machine S10 Plus

The DTF DSP-750 S10 Plus is the latest generation of high-end automated dithering machines.Longer oven, faster drying and curing, higher productivity.
With DTF printers, batch orders can be completed efficiently and quickly, and personalized orders can also be completed in bulk.

Technical Highlights:

  • Operation Mode: Industrial 7-inch PLC Touch Panel
  • Max Working Width: 750mm
  • Oven Length: 1500mm
  • Oven Temp: Adjustable

Top Features

  • Oven extension: more efficient processing of drying and curing DTF film, restoring the true color.
  • Machine power can be adjusted: adapted to the voltage of different countries, also reduces power consumption, energy saving, and environmental protection.
  • The number of heating tubes can be increased or decreased: the number of heating tubes can be increased according to actual needs.
  • Increase the powder partition: minimize the leakage of powder and reduce the frequency of manual powder return.
  • Industrial grade gears: run more stably, improve service life and machine performance.
Warranty: 24 months (Ink system, printheads and ink capping are not covered)
International Shipping: DHL,FedEx,By Air,By Sea

Product Highlight

Multi-Functional, Intelligent Automation

DTF Powder Shaker 750 S10 Plus machine, equipped with an extended oven up to 1500mm, can quickly achieve the effect of drying and curing, increase production speed, and improve productivity, and is one of the best helpers for batch personalized production. At the same time, it has all the details of the S10 features to enhance the customer’s experience.

True Color Reproduction

True Color Reproduction

DTF Powder Shaker works together with DTF printers to output perfect colors and restore true designs.

Hot Melt Powder Bin Upgrade

Powder Shaker upgraded, the preheating function can effectively avoid the wet powder can not flow smoothly into the situation, to ensure the powder feeding smoothly, no accumulation of powder.

Cost Optimization And Control

Lengthened oven, drying and curing production speed doubled, lower production cost per unit of time, so higher earnings.

Product Details - DTF Powder Shaker Machine 750 S10 Plus

The DTF Powder Shaker Machine 750 S10 plus is based on the DTF Powder Shaker Machine S10 with a longer oven and the same functions. It is compatible with Mimaki DTF printers and SUBLISTAR 600mm DTF printers. The combination of these printers provides stable printing, high-speed output, and superior quality. More details are as follows:

  • Smaller footprint, space-saving, longer oven, increased oven mouth partition, locking the temperature, more efficient handling of drying and curing DTF film, so that the curing effect is better and the color is restored.
  • Higher specification industrial large screens, make the display at a glance, easy to control.
  • Reduced power, with lower energy consumption to achieve the same product output, optional voltage, adaptable to different countries’ power output. Machine power can be adjusted to reduce energy consumption or match special voltage.
  • Upgraded suction motor and built-in suction roller make the film feeding more stable and do not slip.
  • Heating tube reserved space, according to the actual need to increase the number of heating tubes.
  • Oven locks can be installed to prevent accidental operation or accidental scalding; rounded edge design prevents accidental hand cutting and protects personnel safety.
  • Increase the powder partition to minimize the leakage of powder and reduce the frequency of manual powder return.
  • Add baffle to ensure neat paper collection, clip stick, and roller can be replaced to meet the roll material and flat sheet paper collection.
  • Add a lifting ring to facilitate the movement of heavy equipment, one key to open the bin, easy to open the bin door, and easy to maintain.
  • Prevent leakage caused by power failure or unstable voltage, protect equipment circuit and personnel safety.
  • Industrial grade gears, more stable operation, improve service life and machine performance, protect gear work, and extend gear life.
  • Strictly selected new generation motors and components, CE UL certified.

Professional Features - Sublistar DTF Powder Shaker 750 S10 Plus

Preheating Bin For Hot Melt Powder
Extended Oven 750mm

750mm elongated oven can be matched with many DTF printers to achieve high quality and high-speed output production with realistic color and water washing resistance.

Preheating Bin For Hot Melt Powder

Pre-heated powder bin reduces the moisture of hot melt powder, allowing it to flow smoothly without accumulating powder. Meanwhile, the new partition in the powder bin reduces powder leakage and the frequency of manual powder return.

Anti-Roll-In Fan
Automatic Take Up Reel System
Anti-Roll-In Fan

Anti-take-up fan protects the operator’s safety, avoiding bending down to take up the roll, hair or lighter decoration on the body being caught and causing unnecessary injuries.

Automatic Take Up Reel System

Automatic Take Up Reel System can realize high quality take up reel, avoiding the phenomenon of untidy manual take up reel, which helps manual cutting or machine cutting.

Product Specifications - DTF Powder Shaker Machine 750 S10 Plus

DTF Powder Shaker and Dryer
ModelDSP-750 S10 Plus
Operation mode:PLC (SCM) Touch Screen
Max Width:750 mm
Oven Length:1500 mm
Oven Temp.:Adjustbale
Voltage:110v / 220v, 2phase, 60Hz
Power:3.5 – 4 KW
Shaker Size:2548mm (L) x 1030mm (W) x 907mm (H)

How Does DTF Powder Shaker DSP - S10 Plus Work?

Originally, the DTF Powder Shaker 750 S10 Plus machine was designed to fit the size of the Mimaki DTF printers,  but the SUBLISTAR DTF printers are more cost-effective and provide consistent and reliable output quality. The following video shows how the powder shaker machine works.


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