Easy To Peel - Pure TPU DTF Powder Hot Melt Adhesive for DTF Printers

TPU DTF powders are specially designed for use with DTF printing. The powder comes in 1 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg, and 25 kg. Packaging is divided into bags and barrels.

TPU hot melt powder, also known as polyurethane hot melt powder, often comes in black or white. It can withstand high temperatures and wash well. often employed in the hot stamping, swimwear printing, and other industries.

Our DTF powders are slow-drying and easy to cold-tear. This revolutionary technology will help you get excellent transfer printing results.

Classifications of Sublistar TPU DTF hot melt powder

TPU hot melt powder is one of the indispensable consumables in the garment DTF heat transfer process. It is generally used for the powdering process on the back of water-based pigment ink,, and the powdering operation is done with a shaking machine. TPU hot melt powder, DTF ink, and PET transfer film are the main components of heat transfer printing and are indispensable.

Hot melt powder is a white powdery adhesive that is mainly used in processes such as flocking transfer and film heat transfer. Due to the excellent adhesive properties of hot melt powder, it is often used as a high-quality hot melt adhesive in other industries. After being heated and melted at high temperatures, the highly elastic state becomes viscous and fluid, and the solidification speed is fast. The viscosity of hot melt powder is widely used in the heat transfer printing industry.

Soft DTF Powder
Particle size 80-170um, easy to melt, soft and smooth after the transfer, suitable for smooth and flat fabrics, such as T-shirts, sweaters, sweaters, polo shirts
Rough DTF Powder
Particle size: 120–250, easy to melt. After transferring, the hand feel is obvious. It is suitable for rough fabrics, such as denim, non-woven fabrics, and linen.
Anti-stretch DTF Powder
This powder is very fine and easy to melt, the transfer finished product is stretch-resistant and suitable for stretch fabric
Anti-sublimation DTF powder
It is used to block clothing colors or patterns that may be visible through transfer. And it is easy to melt, making it suitable for dark fabrics.
Easy-to-Peel DTF powder
Using easy-to-peel DTF powder, even with ordinary cold peel DTF film can also achieve instant tearing without waiting.

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Meet Sublistar Easy-to-Peel DTF hot melt powder

why TPU DTF Hot Melt Adhesive Powder?

Features1) Excellent washing resistance and elasticity
2) Excellent dry cleaning resistance
3) Excellent bonding strength and fabric lamination
4) Excellent endurance; no pollution.
5) Soft feeling
6) Mixed with water-based glue or dusting printing processes
1) Good washing resistance, no elasticity
2) Good dry cleaning resistance
3) Good bonding strength,fabric lamination.
4) Good endurance, no pollution.
5) Hard feeling.
6) Mixed with solvent base & water-based glue, or dusting printing process.
Applications1) Heat transfer printing, DTF, hot stamping, flocking ink, printing ink
2) Woven and non-woven interlining, shoe lining, shoulder lining, and cap lining.
3) Lamination.
4) Other industries.
1) Interlining,
2) Fabric lamination,
3) Heat transfer printing,
4) Other fields.
MaterialThermoplastic polyurethaneThermoplastic polyester
Melting Point(°C)105-115°C125-135°C
Hot Pressing
Density1.21+0.02g/cm31.20+0.02 g/cm3
Washing Resistant Time60°C/72h90°C/72h 
Thickness0-80, 80-200 um0-80, 80-300 um

Why Sublistar Hot melt powder?

Notes for DTF hot melt powder

Testing Condition:

Transfer Temperature: 130-160℃
Transfer Time: 8-15 seconds

About Storage:

In order to protect unused dtf powder, it is recommended to store it in its original packaging, at 68°F–82°F (20°C–28°C) and 40–60% RH.

About Printing:

DTF powders are specially designed to use with DTF printing process. Working with DTF film and DTF ink to get excellent transfer printing results.

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