DTF-6003 STAR IV DTF Fluorescent Printer & Shaker

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Perfect fluorescent colors and rare colors printing, satisfy the customer needs of personalization and colorful T-shirt printing and all kinds of textile printing.
Technical Highlights:

  • Print Head: 3 Epson I3200 print heads.
  • Print Size: 24″ Print Width for options.
  • Print Speed: 6-22m2/h
  • Ink Type: C,M,Y,K+W; C,M,Y,K+LC,LM+FY,FP+W; C,M,Y,K+O,R,G,B+W

Top Features:

  • Integrate DTF printer & shaker, build comprehensive solution for textile printing.
  • Extended fluorescent color range (including fluorescent pink and yellow).
  • Compatible with 3 printheads to meet different printing needs.
  • Supports bulk printing regardless of the number of copies.
  • Core in-line cleaning and nozzle recovery technology for consistent quality and less downtime.
  • Less maintenance, lower production costs for profitable printing business.
Warranty: 24 months (Ink system, printheads and ink capping are not covered)
International Shipping: DHL,FedEx,By Air,By Sea

Product Highlight

Vivid Multi-Color, Fluorescent T Shirt Printing

Fluorescent color is everywhere, compare to conventional colors, fluorescent colors are more absorb and reflect more light, as a result, the colors are popular in all kinds of outdoor clothing and fashion T shirt. 
The DTF-6003 STAR IV DTF printer integrates with shaker, the special design of the DTF printer makes T shirt printing more vivid and unique.

Grow Fluorescent painting business with Sublistar DTF-6003 STAR IV DTF Printer!

I3200 printheads

high precision DTF printing

3 x Epson I3200 printheads.
One printhead prints white, two printheads are responsible for playing color: one prints fluorescent colors, and the other prints other colors. 

Staggered Nozzle Rows

Staggered Nozzle Rows

Compared to the printheads arranged in a consistent manner, staggered nozzle rows can improve the printing efficiency of the DTF printer. In addition, it is easier to operate when replacing the printheads and avoids damage during the replacement process.

Expansive Gamut Output

Up to 9 color Direct-to-Film output

Compared to the small A3 DTF print machine that can print 6 fluorescent colors, the 6003 STAR IV DTF fluorescent printer can achieve 9 colors output, suitable for customers with high-level requirements for color variety, and the output restores the true picture quality.

Professional Features - Sublistar DTF Printer

Bulk Ink Supply System
Print Head Heating System

By heating the ink damper and the carriage base, the DTF printer can work normally in a lower-temperature environment. In the printing process, ensure good fluidity of the DTF ink to improve the printing performance with great quality.

Auto In-Line Cleaning System

Printhead clogging is a common problem that happens on DTF printers during the printing process. A DTF printer with an auto in-line cleaning system can automatic nozzle cleaning at regular intervals so that stable and lowers maintenance time to improve the DTF printing efficiency.

Bulk Ink Supply System

Equipped with a 1.5L large ink supply bottle, which can continuously supply ink to the ink cartridge. Customers can quickly change the ink capacity of the printer at any time to keep a non-stop production for such as T-shirt printing.

Smart Control Panel
Preheating Powder Bin
Pinch Roller Adjustable

According to the printing material, the pressure of the pinch roller can be adjusted to ensure smooth paper feeding and high printing accuracy when printing.

Smart Control Panel

Machine operation panel, the operation through the panel control, switch power, can switch the language, adjust the wind and other functions.

Preheating Powder Bin

Pre-heating removes moisture from the powder so that the hot melt powder flows smoothly under low temperature or slightly humid conditions. White smooth coating for smoother powder feeding and prevention of powder accumulation

Epson I3200-A1 Print Head

DTF-6003 STAR IV DTF Fluorescent printer using Epson I3200 print heads. Epson I3200 head has 3200 nozzles, a resolution of 600dpi, jetting frequency is higher than DX5 and xp600, and also color saturation, printing speed, and printing accuracy are better, and the price is cheap. Very cost-effective.

Ink TypesWater based ink
Size(width x depth x height)(mm)69.1×59.4×35.6
Nozzle Numbers3200
Length Between Nozzles(inch)1/300(in one row)
Nozzle Row8 row
Max color/head4 colors
Resolution300 npi/1 row 600 npi/2 rows
Effective Printing Width(mm)33.8
Jet Freqency(kHz)43.2 (single dot), 21.6 (multi dot)
Ink Drops(pl)3.8-6-12(9.4)
Ink Viscosity(mPa.s)3~4

Product Specifications - DTF-6003 STAR IV DTF Fluorescent Printer

6003 STAR IV DTF PET Film Inkjet Printer

Product ModelDTF-6003 STAR IV
Print HeadEpson I3200 print head, including 400 nozzles/row*8*lines, high quality up to 1800dpi
Print Resolution/Speed4pass: 12m2 /hour
6pass: 8m2/hour
8pass: 6m2/hour
InkTypesWater Based Ink, Dye Ink, Sublimation Ink
Capacity9  Colors: 1.5L*9/color
MediaMaximum Width620mm
Thickness1.5mm to 6mm adjustable
Max Roll Weight20kg
TypesPP Synthetic Paper, Vinyl Sheet, Film, Coated Paper, Canvas , Adhesive Vinyl Sheet, Banner and so on.
Media HeaterFront/Mid/Rear Heaters (individually controllable)
InterfaceNetwork Port
RIP SoftwareMaintop6.1, Photoprint, Print Factory
VoltageAC110V+/- 10%, AC220V+/-10%, 50/60+/HZ
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: 20℃- 35℃, Humidity: 35%RH-65%RH
Dimensions1766*750*1513mm (L*W*H)
Height of Worktable1062mm
Package size1880*1060*740mm (L*W*H)
Net Weight190KG
Gross Weight


DTF Powder Shaker and Dryer
ModelDSP-600 (S10)
Operation modePLC Touch Screen
Max Width 600 mm
Oven Length1079 mm
Oven Temp0-400°C (be adjustbale)
Voltage110v / 220v, 3phase, 60Hz 
Power3.5 KW
Shaker Size1850mm (L) x 97mm (W) x 90mm (H) 
Shaker Weight300kg

T Shirt (DTF) Printing Process

Design Spot Color Channel

Use various design software to design spot color channels.

RIP Software for Drawing

Use RIP software, color + spot color are RIP out.

Printing And Powdering Drying

DTF Fluorescent printing, dusting, drying the entire process of integrated operation processing, automatic winding.

Pressing And Stamping

The printed PET film will be cut manually or cut by cutting machine, and then pressed by hot press, and the film will be finished after tearing.

6003 dtf printer

Fluorescent Printing Solution By SUBLISTAR 6 Colors DTF Printer

The DTF printer prints fluorescent color application solutions that can be fully personalized. The following video, which is the effect of selecting A3 DTF printer printing, aims to realize the diversified requirements of customers.

DTF Applications

DTF printers can be widely used in a variety of apparel fabrics. DTF-6003 STAR IV DTF Fluorescent Printer & Shaker can fully realize the fluorescent multi-color custom printing, as the following application demonstrates, multi-color fluorescent pillows, green fluorescent canvas bags, children’s fluorescent printed clothing, and other series of personalization. Customized services are available for special groups such as performance wear, group wear, family bonding wear, and other needs.

dtf application
dtf print fluorescent t shirt
dtf application
dtf application

Exclusive Offer: BUY 1 GET More !

Buy SUBLISTAR DTF printer online, get premium quality DTF printing starter kit supplies for free.
DTF Starter Kit Includes:

  • Film: 0.6m*100m/0.3m*100m roll size
  • DTF Powder: 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
  • DTF Ink: 1000ml*5 (c,m,y,k+w)
  • Rip software: Flexi Print/Maintop
  • Sublistar DTF environment settings
  • Sublistar DTF instructional video
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Q: How can I get a quick and accurate quote?
A: Please select the product you are interested in on the product page of our official website and leave your email address, cell phone number, company name, and information about the product’s various specifications.

Q: How can I get quick feedback?
A: We promise that once we receive your inquiry, we will reply to your email or WhatsApp message within 12-24 hours.

Q: If I have some technical problems, how can you help us to solve them?
A: Please send a detailed description, photos, or videos to our technicians, who will analyze the problem and give the appropriate solution within the first time receiving the information.

Q: What is your delivery time?
A: Generally speaking, it is arranged in about 5-15 working days after full payment or deposit is received.

Q: How is your quality control?
A: We have a professional quality control team that performs 100% testing before delivery.

Q: How do I order a machine from you?
A: After you confirm the order details, we will send you a pro-forma invoice for confirmation. After payment is received, we will arrange production.
The shipping method is communicated to you and the final shipping product will be sent out within the agreed time.

Q: What are your payment methods?
A: T/T, D/P, D/A, Paypal, Western Union.

Q: How much tax should we pay?
A: Please get in touch with your local customs or import agent for details.

Q: Can we be the exclusive distributor of your machines?
A: We look forward to working closely with you. After you have ordered multiple machines and can provide superior after-sales service, we can begin discussing a distribution relationship.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: Our machines come with a one-year warranty, except for the print head. During the warranty period, we will send some parts for replacement free of charge, and damaged parts should be returned promptly.

DTF Consumables & Extensions

Sublistar company provides a wealth of DTF peripheral products to help you expand your printing business infinitely. DTF Accessories include DTF Vinyl Cutters, Heat Presses, Rip Software, DTF Inks, Powders and PET Films.
vinyl cutter icon

DTF Vinyl Cutter

360 heat press icon

DTF 360° Heat Press

cadlink v10 icon

CADLink Rip Software

dtf film icon


dtf powder icon

DTF Powder

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