FlexiPRINT Rip Software

Flexi is a complete solution for all your printing, cutting, and design needs. Suitable for use with Sublistar DTF printers and DTG direct injection machines.

Item: Flexi RIP Software
Version: 19,21,22 (may upgrade without prior notification)
Usage: DTF/DTG Printer
Language: Chinese, English

Operation System: Windows 98/2000/XP above
RAM: 128MB above
Hard Disk Space: 500MB, but 1G is suggested

Warranty: 24 months (Ink system, printheads and ink capping are not covered)
International Shipping: DHL,FedEx,By Air,By Sea

FlexiPRINT DTF DTG Edition 19


Customize spot color recipes to precisely match the colors you want to print.

Take the subjective guesswork out of profile creation with the automated Profile Wizard.

The store owner’s best assistant. Manage customer accounts, create quotes, and track jobs.

Add rulers and printing to long production jobs. copy counters to easily track printing.

Quickly print, print and cut, and cut direct vinyl materials for jobs in multiple formats using only one application.

Use the “Find Fonts” feature to instantly find the best matching fonts in just seconds.

Send illustrations directly to customers to approve documents or annotate changes.

Automatically collate objects larger than media and fit objects into tight spaces.

FlexiPRINT DTF DTG Edition 21


Element Sharing Flexi VDP can design sample file templates that specify some elements as variable data. Supports images, routine tests, QR codes, data matrices, bar codes, and Braille.

Supports the creation and printing of layered jobs consisting of two or more separate files (for printers using spot colors such as white and varnish), with the ability to preview the layers in the job properties.

Allows you to design and save JIG templates that will precisely match JOG on the printer bed for printing on multiple parts (eg phone cases).

Supports custom cut line spot colors and custom names. You can specify specific cutting conditions or tools for each custom cut line color.

Supports adding cut lines to files in Production Manager. This feature allows cutting around a job and can be applied to any file type, including raster formats such as TIFF or JPEG.

Previews the print job for each output channel before sending it to the printer. No ripping is required and is a powerful tool for eliminating errors, especially when printing spot color channels such as white and varnish.

Allows you to import the user’s previously installed data (ICC profiles, presets, preferences, templates, etc.) and also supports backup data.

Allows multiple layers of Adobe Illustrator or PDF to be split into multiple jobs, with each layer being a new job. A layer can be specified to print in a process color and a layer in a spot color (white or varnish).

This is a new option in the Color Profiler’s Gray Balance step that produces a more G7-compliant linearization.

Can be used with a normal color correction workflow or to simulate the output of one printer on another.

Custom Ink Set support allows you to add custom ink channels, and create and configure custom ink set color modes.

Flexi 21 allows you to save output dimensional compensation as part of a preset on each substrate.

FlexiPRINT DTF DTG Edition 22


Easier management of SAi licenses and subscriptions, download of new versions and updates, access to tools and operating methods, visibility of print and production statistics, online access, and more flexibility.

There is no longer a need to un-nest jobs when you want to add a new job or split a job into a nested group. Simply add the new job to the queue and drag and drop it into the nested group.

The program language can be set up independently of the operating system language. For example, it is possible to run Flexi in Japanese while the Windows language is set to English.

Flexi can now store print orders during production to save you time in processing repeat prints or producing reprint orders for your customers.

New drivers can be updated or added without updating Flexi.

Save and export fixture layouts as EPS files for creating solid fixture parts.

Ink Estimating has been added to the Job Estimating tool in the production process. It can be configured to work for your printer.

Ability to view thumbnails of jobs in the production queue. The thumbnails can be zoomed in when the mouse is hovered over.

Label printing has been improved in Flexi 22. You can now choose where you want the label to be printed. More importantly, labels can be printed with Fotoba markers.

We have added an option to “RIP only” after receiving the job into the hot folder. This saves you time as the job will be torn off while you prepare other print jobs.

Contour cut paths can be created in clear labels directly during production to improve efficiency.

Create transparent backgrounds or select similar areas to remove similar colors to improve breathability and reduce the weight of artwork printed on garments. Also features improved white color options to improve print results for DTF and DTG applications.

Learn How to Install and Use FlexiPRINT Rip Software


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