Maintop Rip Software

Universal 6.1 version Maintop RIP software, suitable for most printers. It is widely used in the advertising industry, printing and publishing, enterprise comprehensive printing, office printing, document and bill printing, etc. It comes with a USB dongle and an installation CD inside. Works with major printers on the market.
Item: Maintop RIP Software
Version: 6.1 (may upgrade without prior notification)
Usage: Inkjet Printer
Language: Chinese, English
Dongle: Yes

Operation System: Windows 98/2000/XP above
RAM: 128MB above
Hard Disk Space: 500MB, but 1G is suggested

Warranty: 24 months (Ink system, printheads and ink capping are not covered)
International Shipping: DHL,FedEx,By Air,By Sea

Maintop Rip Software 6.1 for DTF/DTG Printers


Customized multi-channel ink output mode: white ink + CMYK/CMYKcm + varnish or white and color at the same time; customized spot-color ink output mode, any channel can be set as a spot-color ink output channel. Compatible with different industries and different materials, widely used in personalized output and industrial production.

Support the standard PDF interpretation engine, which can be a complete interpretation of PDF format, any PDF file can present a complete picture and text, to ensure color reproduction, avoid data loss, to ensure the consistency of the output.

The system can load and generate standard ICC files, most of which are compatible with ICC data files generated by other color management software, improving the accuracy of color management and meeting international color requirements.

You can label the content: file name, image size, date and time, custom content, etc. You can also check the “Picture Labeling” function when loading multiple images.

Stroke the border of the image, stroke mode: image individual stroke, image overall stroke. Customizable border line width and color, border and image distance.

By adjusting the distribution ratio, optimizing the ink spot interval, perfecting the ink spot arrangement order, and other operations, the picture level, transition is better.

Seamless continuous reproduction and diversified transformation of a single picture. Only need to generate one print job, you can repeatedly call for printing, saving disk space and improving production efficiency.

Meets the needs of multi-head combination, high-precision pictures, multi-precision printing modes, and large-data-volume operations.

The printing accuracy can be customized and modified within the range supported by the printing device, which effectively improves work efficiency.

Compatible with a variety of translucent materials, better perfecting the color management needs of various industries.

This function supports user-defined modification of the output ratio of dots and light-colored ink dots, which is a great solution to the output problems caused by the abnormal ratio of dark and light inks and the whiteness of the image.

Maintop Rip Software 6.1 for UV Printers


EPSON R1800, R1900, R2000, 1390, L800, 4880, 7880, etc. can be supported, and in addition to increasing the proprietary sub-PASS function of Montel; free to choose a unidirectional mode of forward and reverse printing methods, improve UV curing capacity; single printhead to achieve white and color output at the same time, 400% fixed white ink concentration to improve as well as white and color the same concentration It can meet the demand of special relief effect.

With the Montel ICC color management, can adapt to different areas of printing needs, can ensure the consistency and stability of the output quality, and greatly improve the user’s collaborative production capacity.

CMYK+white ink, CMYKcm+white ink, and multi-channel white ink, varnish output, and can be specified to switch.

A variety of underlaying and covering methods (full underlaying, color area underlaying, reverse underlaying, spot color, etc.) to choose from.

White color and varnish output in one time or at the same time, one-time molding.

Freely control the white ink output concentration, and can change according to the color ink concentration.

Support Adobe standard PDF interpretation engine, which can completely interpret PDF format and better support PDF files.

Support industrial printheads (Seiko, Ricoh, Starlight, Toshiba) for large UV flatbed printing equipment.

Learn How to Install and Use MainTop Rip Software


What is RIP?

RIP (Raster Image Processor) is an interpreter that converts computer-edited vector graphics and/or text into a raster (bit-mapped) image. Raster image processors are widely used in laser imagesetter and large format color printers.

Large format printers need RIP software support because of limitations of their hardware and drivers

MainTop RIP Management System can print out files in formats of JPG, TIFF, EPS, PS, and PDF. It also provides functions of plate makeup, screening, object rotation, color separating, and grayish adjusting. Providing that it has been converted into one of the above five formats, files produced by any software can be printed out by using this system.

Operation System: Windows 98/2000/XP above
RAM: 128MB above
Hard Disk Space: 500MB, but 1G is suggested (being used to print the temporal file of PS file).
The free space of C disk is larger than 500MB (being used to printtemporal files).


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