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DTF Printing: A Game-Changing Technique For Your Small Hoodie Business

What is printing in DTF?

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You’ve probably heard about DTF printing, but you might not be aware with how it operates. Or maybe you mistook it for DTG printing.

Direct To Film is referred to as DTF. This method entails printing your design straight onto a film and then transferring it to a cotton, polyester, or blend of these materials hoodie, regardless of color since it may be done with CMYK and white ink.



A Game-Changing Solution For Your Hoodie Small Business: DTF Printing

DTF printing, despite the fact that it seems to be a variation on DTF transfer printing, requires a desktop inkjet printer and textile inks produced specifically for DTF printing. How do DTF transfers get printed?

The biggest benefit of DTF solutions is that the white ink layer and the colored ink are produced concurrently in a DTF printer. When compared to other digital printing techniques like using white toner, this property makes it a fairly straightforward substitute.

If you’re using DTF printing, you should be aware that the following file types are acceptable for printing your designs: eps, ps, pdf, bmp, tif, jpg, png, and psd.

To help you print DTF transfers on a dark cotton hoodie step-by-step, we’ve created the video below to help you star up your small hoodie printing businesses:


dtf hoodie printing

Preparations before using DTF printing and DTF transfers techniques?

What you’ll need for DTF printing

You might be asking what equipment you need and how much of an investment it will be for your company now that you are aware of DTF printing and what it can accomplish.


Let’s start by outlining the tools and apparatus you’ll require:

Inkjet machine customized for DTF printing with six CMYK+White ink channels:

  1. The first DTF printer with all the required hardware modifications is available at Sublistar.
  2. Special inks for DTF printing: These extremely elastic inkjet inks stop the print from splitting while stretching the garment after printing.
  3. The surface on which you print your design is called DTF film.
  4. Between the inks and the cotton fibers, DTF powder serves as an adhesive.
  5. Due to the printer’s modification, which prevents it from printing in the proper order on its own, RIP software is required to print CMYK and white-colored layers appropriately.We advise using a heat press with a lowering upper platen.
  6. The DTF powder serves as an adhesive between the cotton fibers and the inks.
  7. Sublistar rip software: As the printer has been modified and cannot print in the proper order by itself, RIP software is required to print CMYK and white-colored layers appropriately.
  8. Heat press: To facilitate the curing of the DTF film, we advise using a press with an upper platen that descends vertically.


How much does DTF printers and DTF materials cost?

Let’s now examine the financial commitment required to incorporate DTF printing into your T-shirt and hoodie customization business. One of the major benefits of using this personalization method is that you can get a whole kit (printer + consumables) for less than €1500 ( £1248), which is ready to be installed in your workshop and will quickly pay for itself.

Our online store offers a reasonably priced DTF beginning package that comes with an A3 printer, the RIP CAD link Digital Factory v10 DTF Edition DTF software, and all the consumables you’ll need.

To cure the ink printed on the film, you will also need a heat press or an oven in addition to the DTF printer and its consumables. You only need to buy the kit described above if your business already has this equipment.

When curing the ink, the heating platen must be at the same height over the entire printing area. So that its height can be altered, we advise utilizing a press with a top platen that lowers vertically. We suggest using the this feature-equipped Sublistar film printing machine.


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