Sublistar 6004Pro DTF Printer

DTF Printer

Printer For Sublistar 6004Pro DTF Printer Series

DTF-6004Pro Printer

The latest water-based heat transfer machine without engraving and hollowing is equipped with a white ink circulation system, which can achieve smarter and more efficient operation.

The operation is simplified and can be easily completed by one person. The choice of fabric is varied, so there is no need to worry about transmission speed. A large number of orders can be customized.

All About Printer For Sublistar 6004Pro DTF Printer Series


Enjoy these amazing benefits

Advanced White Ink Circulation System

The white ink circulatory system prevents sediment causing the nozzle to be blocked. Automatic warning when lack of ink, reduces losses for empty printing.

No engraving and no waste discharge

No engraving and stencil free, suitable for heat press printing system for all kinds of fabric. Affordably priced but technologically advanced achieve the highest return on your investment.

High-quality machine board

Inject strong and stable power into printing, printing lasting longer, and quality more stable.

Affordable and high-quality heat transfer process

One person can operate the entire process, printing is more environmentally friendly, the machine is smaller and less power-saving, and it occupies a small area.


Itel DTF-6004Pro
Color C.M.Y.K+W
Print Resolution 450dpi.540dpi.600dpi.720dpi.1080dpi.1440dpi
Voltage AC110V(±10%)50/60HZ; AC 220V(±10%)50/60HZ
Environment Temperature : 15°C~25°C          Humidity : 35%RH-65%RH
Speed 4Pass  10m/h
Ink Sort Water-based paint ink
Supply System Constant pressure automatic cycle automatic cleaning ink supply system
Heating Unit pre/print/post heater
Process Path Feeding in Through Top of Drum
Transfer Interface USB 2.0 HIGH-SPEED
Machine Dimensions 2025MM*1000MM*1450MM



Machine Features:

1. Solve the picky problem of direct-injection printing fabrics, unlimited material transfer.

2. No need to worry about color deviation and fastness.

3. No need to cut and discharge waste, naturally hollowed out and ventilated.

4.Short cycle and fast delivery time, breaking through the limitation of traditional process color printing plate making, no need to wait for digital output plate making production.

5. High-cost performance, without high equipment and rent investment, you can have an office and home-type heat transfer factory.

DTF Printer Machine


DTF-6004Pro Series Printer Machines are ideas for  Swimsuit, Diving suit, High-elasticity suit, Cotton, Nylon, Chemical fiber, leather, PVC & EVA, etc.

Mouse Pad

In daily life, mousepads, pillows, canvas shoes, and other fashionable printed patterns are both complicated and simple. These products are needed every year in life, and the overall demand is very large. DTF Printer can usually directly transfer dozens of products at a time, and the transfer speed can be adjusted according to the speed you need, which can also save costs.

Custom Pillow

The pillows at home will be held frequently, whether you or your family, will constantly touch them. Even if it is negligent, accidentally soiled, or torn. When printing with DTF Printer, the design printed on it will not be affected. If they need to be cleaned, they can be done very easily without worrying about damaging the image printed on the pillow.

Graffiti  Shoes

In any age, appropriate graffiti on your own clothing or canvas shoes will be considered a sublimation of art. Using DTF Printer to print, you will be at the forefront of art appreciation and show off your charm.