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DTF Printing: What’s New in 2024? – Top 4 Trends

It’s time to 2024, according to data from Google Trends, DTF printing have been in strong growth in the past 5 years and reached a new spike in 2nd half of 2023. To establish a strong foothold in the printing market such as T-shirt printing, the world leading DTF (Direct To Film) printer manufactures have taken significant strides towards improvements, so, what to expect in 2024?

After having reviews with several experts and designers in printing industry, to surprise customers, printing business owners and apparel printing markets, in 2024, DTF printing will have followed 4 new trends:

DTF powder shaker will be more eco-friendly in 2024

Powder shaker is an essential machine works with DTF printer to complete DTF printing. When the powder shaker starts curing the patterns during the DTF printing process, it needs to shake hot melt powder first. The hot melt powder creates smoke, which can have negative impacts on both the environment and human health. So, it is crucial to find alternative solutions that prioritize safety.

In fact, some DTF printer manufacturers with good reputation have already delved into an innovative solution. For example, SUBLISTAR added integrated permanent smoke purifier in their latest S10 DTF powder shaker. The integrated smoke purifier automatically absorbs and processes the smoke directly, which is green and pollution-free. In addition, the integrated permanent smoke purifier is equipped with built-in permanent purification filter, no need to replace. This cutting-edge feature eliminates the need for costly replacements, thus saving you both time and investment.

permanent integrated purifier automatically absorbs and processes the smoke
Animation: how integrated purifier automatically absorbs and processes the smoke in new eco-friendly DTF printer

As sustainability continues to be a top priority in the world and printing industry, to complete DTF printing, the DTF printer with more eco-friendly DTF powder shaker is a hot trend in 2024.

DTF Printer Can Finish Larger Width DTF Printing in 2024

Until year 2023, the common size of DTF printing is 600mm or smaller. For example the A4, A3, A3+ DTF printers are commonly seen in small business printing shop or medium, the 60cm / 24” DTF printers are more popular in medium size printing business or for commercial apparel printing. However, as the apparel & T-shirt printing market is growing faster, large format DTF printer is getting more attraction.

As year of 2023, a large format DTF printer can finish 1.2m (meter) width DTF printing is considered as the common maximize size, for sure, rare DTF printing machine for 1.8m width is already in the market, but the it is changing in 2024: more advanced 1.8m large format DTF printer will launch for high-end DTF printing market.

SUBLISTAR's 1.2m DTF printer

The extra larger format DTF printer will equip with 5 to 6 printheads or more to provide accurate, fine and high-performance mass production for special DTF printing requirements and for industrial production purposes. With the advanced technology and capabilities, those DTF printers are the perfect solution to handle high-volume printing needs efficiently and effectively.

DTF Printing in 2024: Launch Powderless DTF Printer

As stated above, “powder shake” in DTF printing process create smokes as the machine shakes the hot melt powder to the patterns printed, it may harm to environment and human health. Furthermore, after powder shaking, the curing oven melts the hot melt powder to form adhesive, then transfer the patterns to cloth to finish the DTF printing. 

To avoid the possible health harmness, world leading DTF printer manufactures have been investing to develop powderless DTF printer, the powderless DTF printer is about to launch in 2024 DTF printing market, once it launches, will definitely be the top 1 news!

no powder DTF printer
New Trend in 2024: The Process of Powder Shaker Free DTF Printer and DTF Printing

To make DTF printer without powder shaker, adding an extra printhead to print glue to replace the role of DTF powder shaker will be a possible solving method. The DTF printer will print glue directly to the film. The glue will play the adhesive role instead of hot melt power. With this innovative solution, there is no need to invest in additional powder shakers. This not only reduces costs but also saves valuable installation space.

Although this new try is still under testing, no need of powder shaker in DTF printing process is definitely a prominent trend in 2024.

DTF Film Innovation in 2024: Creates More Special Effect for DTF Printing

To truly make a mark in the competitive market, manufacturers must constantly innovate and release fresh DTF film that can create captivating visual effects. This not only helps them distinguish themselves from their competitors but also ensures they capture the attention of their target audience.

SUBLISTAR has launched some special DTF film like metallic gold film, metallic silver film, metallic interstellar silver film and will launch more various special DTF film in the future to cater to the growing business needs and stay competitive.

SUBLISTAR's special DTF film

The future of DTF Printing is incredibly promising, with a dynamic landscape that is brimming with endless possibilities. With the rapid advancement of technology, we can expect exciting changes in the world of digital textile printing. Above four trends of DTF printing are not only set to transform the industry but also present new avenues for creativity, efficiency, and sustainability.


Does DTF printing needs much maintenance?

DTF printing requires regular maintenance to ensure normal work and prevent nozzle (printhead) clogging. The 6 helpful tips to avoid printhead clogging is right here for you. But if the printhead is clogged, here are some best practice: DTF printhead cleaning solutions with video.

No, DTF printer must use special DTF ink. Using DTG ink will cause nozzle clogging and damage the printer.

Yes. DTF ink of good quality will make the DTF printing more durable, lasting for a long time.

DTF printer can print on a lot of various materials according to specific needs. It is not limited by fabrics, which means it can be applied to all types of fabrics.

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