new generation desktop a3 printer

DTF-A3 series

The Sublistar A3 DTF printer allows you to print borderless, photo-quality images up to A3+ in size. It delivers superior color reproduction for large photos, graphics, and more to achieve the best impression on your audience.


DTF-A3 STAR Ⅳ Film Printing Machine

Split DTF machine, A3 desktop DTF printer with a shaker, 11′′ print format, ideal for home and office printing. Sublistar A3 STAR IV consists of a printer and a transfer, as opposed to conventional A3 DTF film printing machines, which only include a printer. Therefore, there is no need to manually shake powders or dry pet films. This A3 desktop DTF printer is suitable for starting a small business and providing customized service. Its widest print format is 300 (11”) mm and its maximum print speed is 8 m2/h.


Print Head:  F1080 print heads
Max Print Size: 300mm Print Width
Print Speed: 3-8m2/h
Ink Type: CMYK+W


Know New Features About DTF A3 Printers Below

Automatic in-line moisturizing system

In order to prevent ink from clogging the nozzle, the ink cap will eject some moisturizer every once ina while to keep the nozzle clean and moist. This is the automatic in-line moistening system, which can keep the printer nozzle in the best working state, avoid blocking the nozzle hole due to volatilization of solvent, and prolong the service life of the nozzle.

Adjustable Pinch Roller

According to the printing material, adjust the platen support to adjust the pressure of the pinch roller to ensure smooth paper feeding and improve the effect, which can increase the friction force during paper feeding, make the process more stable and reliable, and avoid indentation and other phenomena during printing. It ensures high accuracy during printing and output.

White ink circulation & filtration system

Our imported filter not only effectively intercepts large particles, gels, and other impurities, but also allows the required pigment dyes to pass through and remain in the ink. The imported filter has excellent impurity filtering ability and longer service life.

Benefits from Sublistar A3 DTF Solutions

DTF film printing is a T-shirt printer suitable for almost any type of fabric, leather, toy, swimwear, handcraft, pillow, and more. It works on both white and dark textiles, without pretreatment. It is commonly used on products such as t-shirts, hats, backpacks, lanyards, shoes, and more to create unique fashion pieces. It can also be used in sportswear, cycling wear, and other products to make you more outstanding on the sports field.

front,middle,rear heating devices

The new generation DTF printer is equipped with heating devices in the front, middle, and rear directions, which can ensure that the printed pattern becomes dry instantly. 

sunction conveying system

Vacuum adsorption conveying platform, absorbing the print material to ensure that the material does not bulge or run off. 

THK Mute linear guide

The friction between the sliders of the silent guide rail is greatly reduced, thus achieving low noise, high speed, long service life, and long-term operation without maintenance.


Sublistar mainboard

Different from the mainboard functions of other companies, the one independently developed by Sublistar can provide customized functions according to the needs of customers.


PLC Touch Screen

Equipped with an easy-to-use touch screen. Navigate the menu by simply touching the desired option.


Integrated Purifier

An integrated purifier for the option to replace the exhaust pipe makes use of the machine more convenient. 


tension reel

The paper feed and take-up with tension system allow you to complete production unattended for precise workflow.


Infrared Dryer

Adjustable temperature infrared and heating drying improves and protects color reproduction.


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Machine Parameter

A3 STAR IV DTF Printer
Print Nozzle2 XP600 Printheads
Precision / Print speed4pass: 8m2/hour
6pass: 5m2/hour
8pass: 3m2/hour
InkDYE\DTF\ Sublimation
Maximum Width300mm
Print MediaPP Sythentic Paper \ PET Film \ UV DTF
Print InterfaceRJ45  Cable interface
RIP   SoftwareHemo Driver / Maintop6.1 / Photoprint / Print Factory
PowerAC110V / AC220V / 50/60HZ
Operating EnvironmentsTemperature: 20℃-35℃, Humidity: 35%RH-65%RH
Dimensions of  Printer (L x W x H)980(L) x 630(W) x 530(H) mm
Dimensions of  Packing (L x W x H)1100(L) x 680(W) x 760(H) mm
Net Weight80KG
Gross Weight120KG
DTF Powder Shaker and Dryer(S8)
Operation Mode:PLC Touch Screen
Oven Temp:Adjustable
Voltage:110v/220v, 3phase, 60Hz
Shaker Size:1500mm L x 720mm W(with Air Filter) x 670mm H
Shaker Weight:100kg

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