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DTF-star series

DTF-Star series direct to film printing machines are designed to increase overall production, while dramatically reducing maintenance and operating costs. Energy-efficient upgrades. Exception durability. Next-level hardware!

star IV DTF Printer

STAR Ⅳ is a new generation of intelligent DTF film printing machines. It helps printing manufacturers deal with the problems of high maintenance time and labor costs. In a word, it’s conducive to improving productivity through automatic in-line cleaning and moisturising systems. The resolution of its print head is up to 1800dpi and its max print speed is up to 22m2/h.


Print Head: Dual Epson I3200 print heads.
Print Size: 17”72 into 70”87in Print Width for options.
Print Speed: 6-22m2/h
Ink Type: CMYK+W



automatic nozzle cleaning

Support automatic nozzle cleaning at regular intervals. When the printer is online, it automatically loads ink and cleans automatically.

Active flash ink

The ink circulates automatically in the closed chamber and is ejected from the nozzle according to the settings to keep the nozzle unobstructed.


In-line cleaning machines are a time-efficient and cost-effective solution when cleaning electronic assemblies.


Know New Features About DTF STAR-IV Below

Automatic In-Line moisturizing system

To prevent ink from clogging the nozzle, the ink pad will eject some Humectant every once in a while to keep the nozzle clean and moist. This is the automatic in-line moistening system, which can keep the printer nozzle in the best working state, avoid blocking the nozzle hole due to the volatilization of solvent, and prolong the service life of the nozzle.

Ink Damper Heating Available

Ink Damper Heating Available

The ink damper device of the DTF film printing machine has an external heating function. The heating unit is installed on the outside of each ink damper. With this technology, the printer can work normally in an environment with large temperature differences. In the printing process, the heating function can ensure the good fluidity of the ink.

CCD Camera

Intelligent CCD Camera

The CCD camera of the DTF film printing machine can synchronously monitor the printing condition of the nozzle. When the nozzle is blocked or the ink jet is uneven, the CCD camera will automatically send the prompt information to the cloud App. At this time, the computer or mobile phone interface will display the warning information to effectively prevent the production of unqualified products.

Nozzle compensated

Nozzle Compensated

The original nozzle-compensated technology can solve the problem of missing printing. Through this technology, the printer can automatically monitor the printing process. If the lines are discontinuous and there are blank areas, the nozzle will spray again to fill up the missing areas to ensure the output of a perfect picture.

White Ink Circulation & Filtration System

White ink circulation system adds filters to avoid white ink clogging. Our imported filter not only effectively intercepts large particles, gels and other impurities, but also allows the required pigment dyes to pass through and remain in the ink. The imported filter has excellent impurity filtering ability and longer service life.

MPM(Multi-Printer Manager)

MPM(Multi-Printer Manager)

One computer can control multiple devices, and different IP manage printing. MPM (multi Printer Manager) enables one computer to manage multiple printers, helping workers to control machine production more quickly and further improve production efficiency.

Benefits from Sublistar DTF Solutions

DTF film printing is suitable for almost any type of fabric. Works on both white and dark textiles. No pre-treatment is required. Which is commonly used on products such as t-shirts, hats, backpacks, lanyards, shoes, and more to create unique fashion pieces. It can also be used in sportswear, cycling wear, and other products to make you more outstanding on the sports field.

PrecisionCore Printhead

EPSON Precisioncore provides fast, high-quality printing at 600 x 1200 DPI.  Apply EPSON technology to our printer for the stable image quality of different batches of products while it keeps high-speed printing.


dtf ink bulk
Bulk ink system

Equipped with a bulk ink delivery system, that reduces ink replenishment frequency and cost. The capacity of one color is 1.5l, which is at least 5 times more than that of the original ink cartridges.


THK Mute linear guide

The friction between the sliders of the silent guide rail is greatly reduced, thus achieving low noise, high speed, long service life, and long-term operation without maintenance.


Sublistar mainboard

Different from the mainboard functions of other companies, the one independently developed by Sublistar can provide customized functions according to the needs of customers.


PLC Touch Screen

Equipped with an easy-to-use touch screen. Navigate the menu by simply touching the desired option.


Integrated Purifier

An integrated purifier for the option to replace the exhaust pipe makes use of the machine more convenient. 


tension reel

The paper feed and take-up with tension system allow you to complete production unattended for precise workflow.


Infrared Dryer

Adjustable temperature infrared and heating drying improves and protects color reproduction.


Explore Sublistar DTF Star Series Lineup

Find out more star series DTF machines and choose the one that suits you.


Functional Comparison of STAR Series
Automatic In-Line Cleaning
Automatic In-Line Moisturizing
Ink Damper Heating
Cart Collision Avoidance
Front, Middle, Rear Heating
Pinch Roller Adjustable
THK Mute Linear Guide
White Ink Circulation & Filtration System
Low Ink Warning
Bulk Ink System
MPM(Multi-Printer Manager)
Nozzle Compensated
CCD Camera
Smart PLC Touch Screen
Tension Feed/Take-up Reel
Infrared Drying
Suction conveyor Belt
Integrated Purifier
“●” available, “-” unavailable

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