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Double-head speed surpasses four-head, 4PASS accuracy surpasses 6PASS

Different from the traditional printing method,
the new DTF Pro Max printer adopts staggered inkjet printing,
uninterrupted film feeding,
it saves a lot of paper feeding time,
the printing efficiency and speed are increased by two times.

Why Mini300ProMax?

DTF Printer

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Know the Details about DTF Mini300 ProMax Below

6 Color Printing

Multi-color printing available. Fluorescent printing available. (C,M,Y,K,LC,LM+W / C,M,Y,K,FP,FY+W). Ink tank continuous feed system-larger and DTF specific, compared to standard ink tanks used on other systems.

Staggered Inkjet Printing Technology

Different from the traditional printing method, DTF Mini300 ProMax printer adopts a new printing algorithm, from the original linear inkjet printing method to staggered inkjet printing, which has  greatly improves the printing speed, 4pass accuracy surpasses 6pass

Ink System Built-in Heater

The built-in heater enhances the printing area, which can achieve better ink adhesion and curing at low temperatures, and avoid ink bleeding.

Suction System Upgrade

Upgraded the location of the suction system to honeycomb structure vacuum adsorption platform, adsorption is large and uniform. Make the printing color accurate without deviation.absorbing the print material to ensure that the material does not bulge or run off.

Tension Retractable Control System

With automatic deviation correction, the film will not run off, will not arch, and will not wipe the nozzle. White ink and CMYK ink fits perfectly. Perfectly solve the problems of color difference, ink broken, and different shades caused by inaccurate paper feeding, ensuring high productivity and high quality!

No Need to Install The Nozzle

Sublistar’s engineers will install all the nozzles before the DTF Printer is ship out,No need to adjust the physical position of the print head

White Ink Circulation System

WIMS (White Ink Management System)- Advanced White Ink Circulation System can prevent sediment causing the nozzle to be blocked.

PLC Touch Screen

The touch screen device is easy to operate. Just touch the desired option to easily navigate through all the menus. The user-friendly nature of the touch screen also helps to save time.

Three-stage heating function

Our printer body adopts Three-stage heating function, which makes the ink absorption better, and prevents the ejected ink from flowing when the air is humid, resulting in inaccurate white ink registration

Vacuum Suction Conveyor Belt

Vacuum adsorption conveying platform, absorbing the print material to ensure that the material does not bulge or run off.

Heating Tube Top and Bottom

Equipped heating tube Top and bottom – Infrared drying, heating and fixing the color to better protect the printed color.

Powder Recycle-free

The new generation DTF Pro Max machine configured automatic recycling powder, more cost-effective than manual recycling.

Front and Back Suction System

The front and back suction system facilitates the pass-through of the printing film and makes it very easy to cut a section of the sample during the printing process.

Incredible Overall Value!

1 Year Warranty

Within 1 year from the date of purchase, if the machine has non-man-made damage, you can enjoy free warranty service.

DTF Starter Kit

Starter kit pack including DTF PET Film, DTF Inks, Powder, and the user's guide.

Rip Software

Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est Buy a machine and you will get a $500 worth of rip softwarefor free. CADlink, SAI FLEXI, Acrorip, MainTop for option.

Online Technical Support

The expert team will serve you online and solve any problems you encounter for free.

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Buy 1 Get 4 free

Buying any Sublistar DTF machine, you will get a DTF Supplies bundled package valued at $300 for free, including 100m DTF film, 2kg DTF powder, 1set of DTF inks, and 1set DTF ink cleaning kit.

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