DTF Transfer Printing VS White Toner Printing

Are you looking for a best printing solution to ensure product quality while obtaining high profits? As you continued looking for the appropriate response, you may have experienced DTF transfer printing utilizing inkjet printers or white toner printing utilizing laser printers. Let’s start by the similarities and differences between them.

1.Similarities of DTF and White Toner Printing

Both include printing on a PET film straightforward material with an extraordinary covering reasonable for the particular cycle. White shading is utilized in both to give a hidden base to the CMY or CMYK tones. Both give the holding specialist to solidness on the substrate. Both warmth move applications support a wide scope of cold strip based substrate types and result in splendid tones with fine detail and great sturdiness.

Sublistar 1.2m DTF printing machine


Quite possibly the main contrasts is the specialized help. In view of its freshness on the lookout, every little thing about it is unsupported DIY work. DTF transfer printing is worked around altered inkjet printers without any guarantees and restricted stockpile. On the other hand,white toner printing is upheld on numerous levels, beginning with the laser printer producers giving warrantied printers to vendor accomplices who offer parts, backing, and preparing.

Another difference is the process. In the wake of figuring out how to assemble an appropriate inkjet printer for DTF transfer printing and filling it with exceptional fluid material inks, you need to discover a Tear to run it. While a couple of new Tears are going ahead the market for these gadgets, the greater part of the current hotspots for altered printers utilize problematic or hacked Tear programming that you should sort out all alone. White toner printing has five to seven years of Tear improvement behind it that drives a dry powder toner printer.

The remarkable material inks utilized in DTF have improved from conventional direct-to-article of clothing inks by utilizing a more modest shade size. Both DTG and DTF transfer printing inks experience the ill effects of shade settling, an issue that requires both vivacious tumult and incessant weighty cleaning cycles. In any case, while the bigger shades in DTG cause inkjet head obstructing, this is somewhat to a lesser extent an issue with the DTF transfer printing inks. None of this is a thought with white toner printing.

DTF transfer printing stores a fluid ink layer on the film utilizing a to some degree moderate inkjet printer. Subsequent to printing, and keeping in mind that the DTF transfer printing ink is as yet wet, comes the utilization of the cement powder by shaking it across the sheet and flicking the rear of the sheet to knock off the overabundance powder. After the powder is applied, it should be liquefied and the ink dried. Everybody appears to have an alternate strategy, going from a flapjack iron to a convection stove and that’s just the beginning. With this comes the danger of unintentionally heating up the ink.

White toner printing utilizes a quick laser printer. Subsequent to printing, the dry print is then “hitched” with a glue sheet in a warmth press and stripped while hot to apply the glue layer.

The two advancements are applied utilizing heat move at comparative temperatures and pressing factor with a virus strip. The glue powder utilized in DTF joined with the material inks gives a pleasant vibe and stretchy outcome. White toner printing requires the utilization of computerized rasterization strategies to accomplish a to some degree comparative outcome.

DTF transfer printing

White Toner Printing


No ink to deal with. No clogs, no spills, no cleaning. Can print on mugs, bottles and many other products. Can print stunning white on black greetings cards


Your t-shirts will feel like a plastic bag unless rasterized, which makes the design look terrible close up. Washability is pretty bad unless using various workarounds such pretreatment and rasterization. A sheet to B sheet marrying process can be tricky and inconsistent. Cheaper printers suffer from alignment problems. Expensive printers are… expensive.

DTF printing solves a lot of problems of other printing methods while producing great results and most importantly being affordable. DTF transfer printing does everything you need. It will allow you to print on 100% cotton and black garments, it will have great feel and washability. You will be able to print on demand quickly and conveniently, without having to worry about sitting idle for a few days. DTF printing technology make a perfect setup for a growing business.

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