Dye Sublimation Printer vs Laser Printer, Which is Difference betweent Them?

Dye sublimation printers are becoming more and more widely used. Looking at the entire printing market, there are several times more home users in European and American countries than in China, but this does not mean that Chinese families do not need printers, and after investigation, it is found that the sales of home printers have increased significantly in recent years. The main reason for this result is the change in the school education model. The trend of electronic homework for primary and middle school students is becoming more and more obvious. Students are required to take photo assignments. Not to mention the cost of printing, it is enough for parents to worry about running back and forth to the print shop. , So a home printer is extremely important. The amount of printing is directly related to children’s creativity and imagination. Using paper, pens, and tablet computers can stimulate children’s imagination and creativity, while printing can be carried out through computers and portable terminals. More choices, more possibilities. After all, what you can get with your hands is much more intuitive than what is displayed on the screen.

According to the survey of sales in recent years, home printers are on an upward trend, and home printers are becoming more and more popular. Sometimes we have to admit that time is a magical thing. As it grows, our living environment still has many ideas that will change. Whether home printers are needed or not, I believe that many users who become parents will be happy to join them.

The continuous upgrade of various functions of smartphones has spawned the corresponding surrounding ecology, and the upgrade of the camera function has made the mobile phone photo printer market emerge as the times require. With the continuous participation of many traditional film manufacturers and digital camera giants, the mobile photo printer market is also accelerating its popularity.

Regarding the future development of mobile photo printers, Matsuura believes that there are already 2 billion smartphone users worldwide, and the number of photos taken has reached 1 trillion. Smartphones can not only provide high-quality photography, but also a platform for sharing photos on social media, as well as using apps to beautify photos. In the future, consumers will have more and more demand for printing photos taken with smartphones or beautified photos, and the mobile phone photo printer market has huge development potential.

dye sublimation printer

1. Laser printer

The laser printer has high speed and is suitable for document printing, with clear text and a certain sense of unevenness. The black and white color document tables and charts are all very good. The noise is lower. The output of photos is not as good as the sublimation printer. At present, the starting price of black and white laser machines is less than 1,000 yuan or so.

(1). The advantages of laser printer:

Its printing effect is the best of all printers, almost reaching the level of printing, which is also its biggest advantage; fast printing speed, low noise, can get a quiet office environment; when a large number of printing, average printing Lowest cost; fast single-sided and double-sided printing speed; double-sided paper saving, no need to manually flip the paper, easy to complete double-sided printing; the machine itself is cheap, low noise, no dust.

(2). The disadvantages of laser printer:

Expensive in price and consumables. Laser printers use toner cartridges. One cartridge of toner can print approximately 3000 to 5000 pages. However, it is relatively expensive to purchase a toner cartridge or replace the toner in the cartridge. It is not possible to use carbon paper to print multiple copies at the same time, and the requirements for paper are high.

2. Dye sublimation printer

Dye sublimation printer is mainly an instrument that transfers pigments to the printing medium by using heat energy. It can control the proportion and the degree of color through different temperatures adjusted by semiconductor heating elements. It has the characteristics of continuous color gradation, and the printed image is as fine and smooth as a spray, which is especially suitable for the delicate and delicate skin texture requirements such as portraits. It also has the characteristics of long-term preservation and non-fading.

(1). Features of dye sublimation printer:

1) Among all color printers, the output effect of the sublimation printer is the best.

2) The coasting function is a unique function of the dye-sublimation printer. Since the sublimation printer is mainly used to print photos after the photo is coated, the overall color feeling will be brighter and brighter, and it also has the functions of water drainage and oxidation resistance, and it is better than traditional laser printers in terms of storage. The photos will take longer.

3) The printing speed is slow. Because the digital dye sublimation printer prints three primary colors in a cycle, the paper has to go back and forth in the printing channel every time a color is printed. Therefore, it needs to go through the paper three times to complete a printing task. Therefore, the efficiency of dye sublimation printers is much slower than that of laser printers.

dye sublimation printer

(2). The benefits of the inkjet sublimation printer

Sublimation printing is a pretty special development technology, which uses heat energy to transfer the pigment to the printing medium. The density of each color is controlled by the temperature change of the print head, and it can have a maximum of 256 levels. Because the pigment is applied to the paper in the gas phase through the sublimation process, the three primary colors can be fused with each other to form a continuous color gradation. The composite color gradation can reach 24bit, and the total can reach 16 million colors. More real.

It is also for this reason. During the printing process, the printing medium needs to pass through the printer 3 times, which also makes the printing process of the dye sublimation printer relatively slow. After three times of coloring, there is a filming process. This can make the color more bright and vivid, and has the ability to waterproof and anti-oxidize, which greatly extends The preservation time of photos is something that inkjet printers cannot do.

Since the color dye sublimation printer does not have the problem of ink droplet diffusion, it can achieve very good resolution. Its resolution of 300×300dpi is comparable to the printing accuracy of inkjet printers 4800×4800dpi, while the popular digital ones on the market The output resolution of the developing machine is mostly 320dpi, so the output photo effect of the sublimation printer is very close to that of the developed ones.

(3). The shortcomings of the dye sublimation printer

As for the shortcomings, the inkjet dye sublimation printer adopts temperature control, it can only print one primary color at a time, that is to say, the photo paper must be input three times for each photo printed, so in terms of speed, the dye-sublimation printer can only be described as slow.

In the business field, black text output is the most important, but this is precisely the biggest weakness of the dye-sublimation printer because it is a mixture of four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) solid pigments, so black The purity is very low. In addition, dye-sublimation printers are more delicate and sensitive to dust, and the temperature is extremely high during work, especially when printing continuously.

dye sublimation printer

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