Epson S3200 Print Heads Leading New Generation High-speed Sublimation Printer

Friends in the industry should be familiar with Epson S3200 print heads. Since the Epson “Mona Lisa” direct textile digital printing machine entered the Chinese market in 18 years, this print head has attracted much attention. The print heads used on the Epson digital inkjet printer Mona Nisha, in conjunction with the launch of the new print heads, the Chinese inkjet printer manufacturers that have been authorized to use the print heads will simultaneously launch inkjet printers equipped with the new print heads at the exhibition. Subsequently, SUBLISTAR launched a digital printing machine equipped with 8 Epson S3200-A1 print heads, and it was also the first batch of domestic equipment service providers to use this print head.

First of all, there are currently two types of Epson S3200 print heads, namely: S3200-U1 (UV/ECO: conventionally called oily head) and S3200-A1 (AQ: our conventionally called water-based head). SUBLISTAR S2508 PRO uses 8 Mona Lisa print heads, also called S3200-A1 print heads. It is a high-durability industrial inkjet print head for water-based inks. It adopts S-shaped arrangement, easy to splice, more efficient production, higher picture quality, and longer service life. S3200 is equipped with Epson PrecisionCore® printing chip, which can ensure high-quality high-speed continuous full-color printing.

The Epson S3200-A1 print head has a total of 3,200 effective nozzle holes. Since the print head is designed, each group of nozzle holes will have some overlapping parts, so the actual monochrome nozzle hole is 120.2mm (4.73 inches). The number of nozzle holes is 2840, and it is just 600dpi for single color and 300dpi for double color. It has variable ink drop technology to achieve multi-grayscale printing and supports high saturation and brilliant color output. It is a high-durability print head product. It adopts S-shaped arrangement, easy to splice, high production efficiency, long service life, and can be better The response to Single-Pass printing.
The meticulous design and processing of the nozzle shape ensure the roundness of the ink drop to form a high-definition picture quality, and at the same time ensure the good durability of the nozzle.
Compared with the previous Thin Film Piezoelectric (TFP) technology, the basic performance of the PrecisionCore printing chip mounted on the print head is greatly improved, mainly for faster speed and more precise droplet control and compensation between nozzles.
The epidemic has affected the apparel industry’s new plan. After the epidemic is over, customers will definitely shorten the construction period according to market demand to speed up the new plan. In addition to print quality, production capacity and efficiency will also be a major test for printing factories! The efficiency cannot keep up, and there may be situations where orders are too late to do!

SUBLISTAR S2508 PRO sublimation printer, this machine is designed for high-end customer groups. It is equipped with 8 original Epson Mona Lisa S3200-A1 nozzles and 10,000-meter paper rolls. The production capacity can reach more than 600 square meters per hour. Support stable high-speed 1pass printing, suitable for industrial production. In addition, the S2508 PRO launched by SUBLISTAR can also be equipped with 16pcs Epson i3200 print heads to easily respond to different printing needs.
Magnetic levitation high-speed guide rails ensure faster printing; rubber-roller-style cloth and paper feeding are stable, more suitable for thin paper printing; honeycomb suction design, the paper is flat and not deformed; the frequency conversion method is more suitable for different stepping requirements, and the retracting is more stable and reliable. Supported by the performance of the S3200 print head, it can stably output a large number of printed products with 3600dpi accuracy. Coupled with professional textile version color management software, it is easy to achieve what you see and what you get.

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