máquina de impresión DTF

¿Necesita una máquina de impresión DTF?

Compared to other printing machines, máquina de impresión DTF demands prints that are richer, more textured, and endure longer. The shirts have a wonderful texture after DTF printing, and the ink generally withstands well on all kinds of textiles.

An developing technology called DTF (direct-to-film printing) enables customers to print their unique t-shirt designs onto unique films. You may mix the greatest transfer printing and digital inkjet printing with this one-of-a-kind technology.

Customers also want prints that “pop” and look amazing on a variety of fabrics, given how cutthroat the t-shirt industry is right now. That and more is done by Direct to Film. People want to know which direct-to-film printer to purchase so they can be confident in their decision.

DTF Printing Machine Core Advantages

máquina de impresión DTF

While DTG printer is required to perform an additional step, máquina de impresión DTF is exempt from this requirement. With no pre-treatment, you may speed up the printing process and apply as many of your favorite designs to the heat press. The DTF printer’s t-shirt printing has a fantastic texture, and the ink typically works well on any cloth.

Still, the DTF printing machine has another benefit. On a customized film that is within the printer, you can print something. You can complete the printing process in the first step and the application stage in the second step. You can complete these two tasks independently.

It’s really simple to insert a single T-Shirt into the printer and print your design onto it because DTF printing machine doesn’t require much setup. This makes it ideal for printing T-shirts in modest quantities. If you want to start your own T-shirt business, it also makes it possible to print your clothes as needed.

If you want to print for your stag or hen do, birthday parties, charity events, fundraising events, or for giveaway products at your next marketing event, DTF printer is the best printing option. This means that regardless of how big or little your order is, DTF printing machine can meet all of your printing demands!

máquina de impresión DTF

Ever thought that a photo you took might look amazing on a T-shirt? Or do you currently have any images that you feel would look amazing on clothing? With impresoras DTF, we can print any design in full color and exactly as it appears on your camera or camera phone on a T-shirt. This means that we can print every little detail from your ideal photograph and then immortalize it on a T-shirt for you to flaunt about.

This means that if you want to print a gift for friends or family members, this is the best printing technique to use because you can take a photo of the recipient and have it printed into a T-shirt, which makes the ideal present and demonstrates how much effort you put into it.

It produces a beautiful print that won’t crack or wear over time because the ink is printed directly onto the garment without the use of any additional layers or panels. This results in a durable design that you can wear and wash often without it getting damaged or seeming worn out.

For the price of the printing technique, you really can’t ask for much better, making it the ideal printing method for designs that you want to last as long as the T-Shirt does.

Our DTF printers nearly usually use water-based inks when printing on white T-shirts, making them entirely secure and safe for the environment. Certain printing methods call for the usage of harsher chemicals, which isn’t sustainable and may be harmful to the environment.

By using máquina de impresión DTF, you’re selecting the ideal printing method to manufacture your clothes if, like us at Garment Printing, you’re committed to saving the environment.

We are unable to use water-based inks since we need to apply a layer on top of colored or black materials.

DTF printing machine is ideal if you want to add any shading to your drawings in addition to the fine detail and full-color printing. If you’re an artist trying to monetize your work, this gives you entire creative freedom when designing T-Shirt designs. It also enables you to perfectly translate your artwork into T-Shirt designs and generate additional income.

So, if you’re selling your artwork on canvases, you can quickly expand your product line to include printed T-shirts and earn more money than you were before.

máquina de impresión DTF
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