Solución de problemas y mantenimiento de impresoras DTG

What's the DTG Printer?

Direct to garment printing, often known as impresoras DTG or direct to garment printing, is refer to digital clothing printing and inkjet garment printing.

To keep the ink flowing, manufacturers build the machines to run continually. To keep the equipment performing at its best, though, maintenance is necessary. There will inevitably have issues, and when they do, you’ll be glad you followed your regular daily routine.

Fortunately, fixing the frequent problems of DTG printers is simple, and you can following a few simple steps. Understanding typical issues and how to address them is the first step in doing this.

Before you start troubleshooting, please read your printer’s manual and consult the technician.

Now Let’s have a look at how to fix typical technical problems with your DTG printer.

Cabezal de impresión DTG obstruido

Piezo Printhead Nozzles Clogging

DTG printer printhead clogging is a common problem. The automatic cleaning system will clean the nozzle of any dried and thickened ink at set intervals.  For some printers, the inkjet fabric printer periodically does the cleaning cycle as long as the power supply is “ON.”

Air Bubbles block in The Chamber

These air bubbles will swiftly create an air barrier at the printhead nozzle, which would abruptly stop the flow of ink. As a result, the print may have streaks or the colors may be missing or inaccurate.

In such circumstances, air bubbles from the printhead or ink supply system must be eliminated by purging the inkjet fabric printing device.  If you use cartridges as its ink tank, you should change it regularly. After printing for an hour, it is preferable to rest for a short while and check ink supply systems again.

DTG Air-Bubbles
DTG Blockage

Failures of Piezo Ink Cartridges

A brand-new ink cartridge occasionally has a color missing or is disconnected. There may be air bubbles at the ink cartridge’s exit or the cartridge hole seal may not have been thoroughly cleaned. To release the air in the nozzle’s damper in such cases, it is required to tear the air hole seal or clean the nozzle once or twice. You might need to turn off your DTG printer for a time and try again after cleaning the nozzle.

Sistema de eliminación de polvo de mayor frecuencia

The humidity has a big impact on how well your equipment works. DTG printers can be harmed by heat and dust as well. Place your printer in a tidy, temperature-controlled area (65° to 80° F).

Low humidity causes the printer to overheat and the ink to dry too quickly, which lead to unnecessary head cleaning and ink flushing. The machine’s sensitivity to humidity increases with size.

Check whether the room’s humidity is within the required range of 40% to 80%, using a hygrometer (humidity gauge). You can control the humidity level in the room and maintain it within the correct range with the aid of a humidifier and a dehumidifier.


DTG temperature

tinta DTG

Check Ink Shelf Life​​

The majority of people are conscious of the inks’ expiration dates. However, with busy work schedules, it can be challenging for people to continuously keep track of the precise dates.

Old ink may deteriorate, separate, or permanently settle. It could harm or clog nozzles. You may keep track of the shelf life of inks by checking delivery dates and setting up automated notifications.

Applications of DTG Printing

In textile printing applications, you can apply to commonly used products such as T-shirts, hats, backpacks, lanyards, socks and more to create unique fashion pieces. It can also be used in sportswear, cycling wear and other products to make you more outstanding on the sports field.

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