¿Qué es una impresora DTF y cómo usarla?

La impresora de película DTF PET es una nueva y revolucionaria tecnología de impresión. En comparación con DTG, serigrafía, sublimación de tinta o transferencia de tóner blanco con láser, es más económico y está más disponible. DTF necesita una impresora, tinta especial DTF, polvo termofusible DTF y película de transferencia DTF.

Con DTF, puedes transferir a una camiseta de algodón 100% sin tratamiento previo, ahorrando mucho dinero y tiempo. Comparado con DTG. DTF utiliza mucha menos tinta. El DTF se puede lavar, lo cual es diferente de la transferencia de tóner láser sin tratamiento de rejilla, y tiene un mejor tacto.

What is a DTF PET Film Printer?

The emergence of DTF has greatly affected the digital printing market. Machines that originally required multiple steps of printing have now been simplified. In the past, a variety of machines were required to be used together, but now only a DTF PET Film printer and a heat press can be put into use normally.

Originally, non-cotton machines that could only print polyester and spandex greatly restricted the material of clothing. If manufacturers have ordered from different manufacturers, they have different but stringent requirements for clothing materials. Then it is difficult to complete the operation with only one machine. This will allow manufacturers to increase the cost of investing in machinery invisibly.

The emergence of the DTF PET film printers can be said to greatly facilitate large manufacturers and many entrepreneurs who are eager to try. The purchase cost of a machine is not expensive, but it has excellent performance.

The Technical Principle of The DTF PET Film Printer

The Korean heat transfer that was active in the market before can no longer meet the needs of mass customers. Now a faster and more efficient process is needed. It is a DTF PET film printer. The working principle of this machine is to use a layer of very special hot-melt powder, sprayed on a transfer film so that the printing material slagging agent penetrates into the fabric to produce a hot melt of the working principle of bonding. Using the close combination of offset printing and ink printing two types of printing technologies to produce a process with the premise of transfer printing.

With this technical principle, clothing that was originally limited to various materials can now be printed at will. Whether it is pure cotton, blended, polyester, spandex, all kinds of elastic fabrics can be used.

How to Use DTF PET Film Printer

First of all, design the pictures to be printed, and store them on the computer for printing. Prepare the corresponding consumables, ink, hot melt powder, PET film, and put them in the corresponding position. Operate on the control panel, automatic printing, dusting, drying, and rewinding. The machine is automatically completed during operation. Finally, the cutting is carried out and the heat transfer is carried out on the hot press.

We can transfer on masks, canvas bags, T-shirts, jeans, leather, silk. You can try any material you want to print. At the same time, the color limitation is avoided. Regardless of the color of the garment, we can transfer it. In addition, the transfer effect is good. Customer feedback is true and effective.

Advantages of Printed Products

The Sublistar brand has a variety of DTF PET film printers with optional configurations, print heads, and print widths. A variety of functions are beyond imagination. And the function is continuously improved and improved. In the process of using, more and more liberating manpower. It fully reflects the effect of a one-time investment and life-long benefits.

Printed shirt, T-shirt, or any fabric you want to transfer. You can find that the colors are gorgeous, the color matching is clear and delicate, and the photo effects are fully restored, and they are good at reflecting the refinement of patterns and special effects.

No matter what clothes you are printing, you can try to wash them by hand or washing machine. After the washing test, you can pull or observe the patterns on the clothes. No fading, no fading, stretch resistance. The color fastness reaches 4-5 grades.

Most importantly, the international community is now increasingly demanding environmental protection standards. Our products are truly no waste discharge and no hollowing out! It is environmentally friendly, and it is breathable and comfortable to wear on the body. Comply with SGS green environmental protection standards.

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