Why is UV Flatbed Printer So Popular?

A wide range of applications

In the printing industry, the biggest advantage of UV flatbed printers lies in their extremely wide range of applications. The impresora ultravioleta can make patterns on the surface of glass, ceramics, stainless steel, wood, aluminum products, acrylic plate, plastic, leather, stone, crystal, and other materials. Such a wide range of applications makes UV printers shine in advertising, building materials, packaging, leather goods, handicrafts, stationery, and other fields. Compared with the traditional printing methods that require special paper and special specifications, UV printing technology is a leap forward in development.

When printing on flat objects, the patterns made by UV printers are bright and beautiful, and the fine lines in the patterns can be clearly seen. Therefore, UV printing is very popular in the advertising industry.

It can print not only on the horizontal plane but also on irregular surfaces, such as printing patterns on glasses, wine bottles, pens, U disks, mobile phone cases, etc. Generally, on the premise that the articles are placed horizontally, cylinders with a height of no more than 20cm can be printed. With the advent of UV direct jet technology, consumables such as transfer paper, glue, high-temperature adhesive tape, and thermal transfer equipment are no longer needed.

At the same time, it can also print on rough and inclined surfaces. The UV printer allows the thickness deviation of raw materials of up to 5mm, and the concave-convex drop can be expanded to 5mm. Since the nozzle is in non-contact with the surface of products during printing, the objects will not deform due to heat and pressure, so it can also print on soft raw materials (such as leather) that are easy to change shapes.

Industries using UV flat printers

Advertising  UV Flatbed Printer can make outdoor advertisements, road signs, signs for conferences, location signs in buildings, etc. The unique technology and diversified printing patterns of UV flat-panel printers meet the needs of the advertising industry.

Decoration UV flat-panel printer can draw patterns on ceramic tiles, marble, cabinet doors, ceramic bottles, background walls, and decorative panels. To meet the personalized needs of customers, a computer is required to be connected to the tablet printer, and the task can be successfully completed in one printing.

Crafts UV printers can directly spray pictures on wood, glass, jade, porcelain, metal, and other materials. Customers can send their favorite patterns to merchants online. The printer operator scans the pictures into the computer, and the UV printer can print the patterns on the articles as they are. Wood prints, oil paintings, and ceramic decorations can be designed by customers themselves.

Packaging   Wood boxes and metal boxes for packaging wine, tea, cigars, etc.


UV printers can print UV DTF stickers. The remarkable feature is that UV DTF sticker can be applied in many fields. A certain pattern can be printed separately, or different patterns can be produced in batches. It can be applied to bags, tea boxes, glass artworks, wood products, plastic products, sports equipment (such as skateboards), helmets, and other products.

Leather has stretchability, and the printed pattern will not be so perfect after stretching. UV DTF stickers can avoid this disadvantage. As long as the printed pattern is attached to the leather goods and the film is torn, the finished product can be easily obtained.

Stationery and toys  UV DTF stickers can be pasted on bookmarks, rulers, notebooks, pencil boxes, LEGO toys, puzzle cards, Rubik’s cubes, toy cars, etc., to make unique products.

Others: clocks, cosmetic boxes, lighters, golf balls, acrylic table signs, glasses frames, Russian dolls, etc.


The process of UV printing is simple and it is convenient to operate, without a large number of operators, plate making, and repeated color registration process. The printing speed is fast, which can not only provide small batch customization service for customers but also realize mass production.

In the past, many materials needed to be coated before printing to increase ink adsorption. However, the current UV flat-panel printer does not need any other materials except the spraying layer for printing glass, and ceramic tile. UV flatbed printer adopts a large capacity ink cartridge. This prevents the printing efficiency from being affected by frequent replacement of the ink cartridge.

The current UV flat-panel printer does not need other equipment to assist in drying the pattern, because it uses the UV curing lamp at the head to irradiate the UV ink for instant drying.

Printing format: A + + (1650mm × 2500mm)、A++(1180mm × 2500mm)、A1(620mm × 1650mm)、A2(420mm × 1650mm)、A2(420mm × 800mm)、A3(330mm × 600mm)

 UV flatbed printer and personalized customization business

With the improvement of quality of life and the growth of knowledge reserves, more and more young people prefer to design unique and personal aesthetic goods. They want their clothes, furniture, and accessories to be novel and beautiful in color. Therefore, they sometimes design the items they need and then contact online customization businesses to help them print the patterns on the products.

In recent years, the hot impresión ultravioleta business includes processing ceramic tile background walls, glass sliding doors, glass decorations, advertising boards, shoes, leather goods, and personalized gifts.

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