DTF printing business

Four Reasons to Choose DTF Printing Business

DTF printing business has revolutionized the texture industry and updated the graphic creation of clothing for the digital era. Now designers and manufacturers can create digital artwork and print it PET film and transfer it into the clothes. Here are some of the advantages of DTF printers.

DTF Printing is Ideal for small and Medium Enterprises

Screen printing involves dozen of steps, which means that it is usually only cost-effective in the simplest design or printing of large number of clothing. The design of DTF printing pattern is as easy as designing on paper – your design is sent from the computer to the DTF machine, and the rest of the work is done by the printer.

In fact, DTF printer may look different from traditional paper printers, but their functions are similar with other inkjet printers, like DTG Printer that use digital piezoelectric printheads to print images directly onto clothing. Although screen printing undoubtedly still has a place in the clothing industry, DTF printing makes it more affordable for small businesses or textile agencies that want to make a small amount of orders.

DTF printing business

DTF Printing will provide more Opitions for you

Screen printing is not possible to print complex patterns because the more details and colors involved, the more work required. When using DTF printing, the process of printing simple design is no different from printing complex and detailed graphics. It can even print clear and clear photos on clothing. Using DTF printer, you can print on zippers and other clothing, which could hardly to realize through different printing methods in the past. This versatility can increase profits, and customers can make DIY hats, handbags and other items to meet their own needs.

DTF Printer is sustainable and cheaper

DTF printing completely subverts the process of making graphic T-shirts and other clothing. Since no advanced settings are required, DTF printing can realize one-off designand it can eliminate the waste of unsold inventory. Overproduction is common phenomenon in the textile industry, but DTF printing helps to prevent it to some extent. In addition, the ink used in the digital direct injection printer is water-based and environmental friendly, which can reduce the impact of pollution on the environment. What’s more, DTF printer needs much less space than screen printing. Even in a busy, crowded printing house, you still have room for DTF printers. Compared with screen printing, the sum cost of DTF printing is cheaper no matter on machine or labour forces. It is worth mentioning that small batch of orders are less than 100 shirts per style / design, the unit printing cost of DTF printing will be lower than that of traditional screen printing process.

High-quality equipment is indispensable. If you run a texture business, you will understand that the importance of having a good printer and ink,becacuse both of them decide your production’s quality. Same as other heat transfer process, to pursue the best results, you need to buy a high quality machine. Besides the machine, the relevant ink is also required. I recommend you to choose our Sublistar ink with quality assurance by strict testing. It not only has high color density and saturation but also smooth and won’t make your print head clogging.

DTF printing requires PET film, after special treatment, cold peel film can bear high temperature and pressure; It is also compatible with all desktop and large format printers. The film can be purchased in thin slices or in rolls for larger operations. But it does not mean that each type of PET film is suitable for DTF printing. For best production, you should select the double-sided cold peel film. Although poor quality untreated films may be cheaper, the patterns printed on the film are not comparable to the of double-sided cold peel films, because the patterns might be smeared, adhesives wear off that will damage your clothes. Therefore, you should choose the appropriate adhesives. The pattern printed on the cold peel film can’t transfer to the garment directly. That’s the reason why the strong adhesives are necessary. The strong adhesive must be durable and the clothes can be hand washed at least for 45 times. At the same time, the cloth must be soft and intact without any patterns stripped.

The cloth are not pretreated.

One of the biggest advantages of DTF printing business is no pretreatment, which means that you can directly transfer the graphics into the cloth. You can save a large number of cost. On the whole, compared with DTG, DTF printing business is much economical and saving labor costs.

If you fails to cleaning the print head nozzle, you can soak the print head to release dried ink. Fill the bowl with warm water (or a mixture of water and vinegar to clean the print head) and put the print head directly into it. Let it stand for about five minutes. Pull the print head out of the water and use a lint free cloth or tissue to remove the dried ink. After doing this, dry the print head as much as possible, and then scrub it on a towel. When it’s finished, you can put it back in the printer and try to rotate it.

There are highly specialized devices on the market that can help fix clogged print heads. Its main product is the print head doctor, which has different models and different specifications. They have different power and automation functions, even applications that help control the machine. They have also developed specialized adapters for any type of print head imaginable, and use them with highly specialized cleaning solutions of different strengths, which help to complement the cleaning process. Each liquid is compatible with the type of ink used by the printer, such as UV, solvent, or water-based ink.


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