SUBLI-360° Rotary Heat Press Machine

Feature: SUBLI-360° Rotary Heat Press Machine, designed for long pattern design DTF printing rotary heat transfer, no length limited. It allows you to transfer various materials like t-shirts, jeans, hoodies, socks, etc. Besides, it’s multi-functional, not only for DTF heat transfer, but also for dye sublimation, UV DTF, and Vinyl rotary heat transfer.

Max Transfer Width: 60cm
Max Transfer Length: Unlimited
Max Transfer Height: 60mm
Film & Paper Type: DTF film, UV DTF film, Vinyl film, Sublimation paper


Warranty: 24 months (Ink system, printheads and ink capping are not covered)

International Shipping: DHL,FedEX,By Air,By Sea

Machine Parameter

Product name360° Rotary Heat Press Machine
Product modelSUBLI-360°
Printing methodHeat transfer printing
Motion methodFull electronic automatic ( No air compressor needed)
Max. Transfer width600mm
Max. Transfer lengthUnlimited
Max. Transfer height60mm
Transfer speed 25~40R
Transfer pressure Automatically sense and adjust pressure
Media typeGarment DTF TransferGarment DTF film transfer on gament as T shirt, pants, bag, tile… Based on cotton, Nylon, Linen, Polyester, Chemical fiber, Leather etc
UV DTF TransferUV DTF film transfer on flatbed or rotary substrates
Vinyl TransferVinyl heat film transfer on flatbed or rotary substrates
Sublimation transferSublimation paper transfer on substrate or garment material
Film & Paper typeGarment DTF film,UV DTF film, Foil film,Sublimation paper
Film & Paper sizeRoll type film with size small than 60cm & Piece film
Heating temperature130°C-170°C
Temperature controllerAutomatic LED touch screen
Transfer speedSpeed adjustable according to film type and material
DimensionsMachine size1135(W) × 550(D) × 800(H) mm
Packing size1210(W)×700(D)×950(H) mm
WeightNet weight100KG
Gross weight125KG
Working Power1600W
Power requirements8A Single-phase 220 V, 50HZ
Acoustic noise level55 dB (A) or less
360° rotary heat transfer machine size
360° rotary heat transfer machine size

Technical Details

360° rotary heat press

360° Continuous heat transfer

360° rotary heat press

Four high-quality tension springs ensure consistent pressure on the transfer substrates

360° rotary heat press

Configed with film release device to improve the transfer speed

360° rotary heat press

Automatic sensing of the substrate and adjustment of the pressure value

360° rotary heat press

Up to 60 mm transfer material thickness, adjustable design to expand different materials of transfer printing

360° rotary heat press

High precision of ball screw to drive the up-down motion to ensure the high precision transfer printing

360° rotary heat press

Photoelectric sensor limit switch ensures the safe use of the machine

360° rotary heat press

Real-time current protection electric motor provides surging pressure and without installing air compressor

dtf printing

Multi-functions for DTF/ UV DTF/ Dye-sublimation/ Vinyl heat transfer printing

How Does SUBLI-360° Rotary Heat Press Work?

Profitable Apparel DTF Applications

Subli-360° Continuous heat press machine widely applied for DTF/ UV DTF/ Dye-sublimation/ Vinyl heat transfer printing, suitable for various textiles, like Cotton/ Linen/ Polyester/ Nylon/ Wool/ Spandex/ Yarn…, perfectly works for T-shirts, Hoodies, Canvas bags, Socks, Pants, Jackets, Dresses, etc.


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