Heat Sublimation Printer-How To choose The Suitable Ink Sac for It

No matter which heat sublimation printer has the ink chamber and filter, in what form, the most important function is the filter inside! The filter is less accurate than the diameter of the nozzle and therefore filters out larger ink contaminants than the nozzle, thus protecting the nozzle!

heat sublimation printer

For each inkjet heat sublimation printer, manufacturers actually install several different types and shapes of ink chambers and filters to suit their needs! There’s a 5th generation first ink chamber, a 6th generation first ink chamber, a 7th generation first ink chamber, and so on! When we usually buy cartridge filters and replace ink chamber filters, one is looking for the same design and the other is looking for the exact same shape.

Remedy for ink bag recycling Chinese printers

After cleaning the printer printhead, the printer’s ink chamber will return to ink. When the printer’s ink chamber back to the ink, it will affect the normal printing operation of the printer.

1, the visualizer cartridge leakage: a small amount of air in the ink supply tube is a normal phenomenon. In order to prevent backflow to produce the siphoning phenomenon, if a large amount of air enters, it will certainly produce atmospheric pressure, resulting in the ink in the ink bag of the thermal sublimation printer receding.

2, hot sublimation printer ink packet leakage: ink packet leakage will cause similar ink cartridge leakage, this phenomenon is also relatively common.

3, hot sublimation printer ink leakage: if the ink supply tube is not firmly connected, the air will certainly enter the ink supply system, resulting in ink heartburn.

heat sublimation printer

Remedy: Use the elimination method to eliminate one at a time. For example, you can first check the ink cartridge to see if it is dripping. If the photographic equipment cartridge is dripping, replace the dripping cartridge, then check that the ink bag is firmly attached to the ink suction port, and finally check the ink supply. If there is a problem, you can find and fix it quickly. Also, holding the cartridge can cause the gears of the connecting rod to misalign and the butterfly result can cause the ink to burn.

Instructions for cleaning the ink tubes of a sublimation printing machine

For the maintenance of the digital heat sublimation printer, ink cleaning of the graphic equipment is also a very important maintenance task. Today it is important to share with you cleaning tips for the ink tubes of photographic instruments.

If you want to change the ink (i.e. switch to another ink), you should empty a set of ink hoses and rinse them thoroughly with plain water before switching to the new ink type.

Cleaning ink tubes.

Clean as follows.

1. first turn off the power and remove all printheads.

2. Separate the ink supply tubes from the ink storage tubes and thoroughly wipe off any excess ink at each joint with a paper towel.

3. insert the tubes from the nozzles directly into a container filled with pure water.

4. attach the nozzle inkjet tube to the fitting of the ink storage tube and open it until the ink no longer enters the collection container directly.

5. repeat this operation for the remaining ink tubes.

How to solve the heat sublimation printer cartridge ink leakage problem

The ink cartridge of a thermal sublimation printer is a very basic part of the machine. It is used to store the printing ink and also to complete the print. Especially with some printers that are not very expensive, you can buy a printer for the price of 2 cartridges. Therefore, most users are advised to consider the high quality and usage of the cartridges when purchasing a thermal sublimation printer.

The high quality of the cartridges is very important for the overall operation of the printer. Even if the cartridges are of very good quality, if you use them for a long period of time you will almost certainly experience some minor problems, such as leaking ink from the printer’s cartridges. To solve this problem, it is first necessary to understand the source of the ink leakage.

Depending on how the thermal sublimation printer cartridges work, it is possible to identify the factors that cause ink leaks, which can be as follows.

When the cartridge is used for a long period of time, the air is drawn directly into the cartridge through small holes in the cartridge to maintain a specific stress value, and when this stress value is damaged, it can definitely cause the cartridge to leak. Of these, higher internal temperature levels are the most common variable that leads to high-stress values within the cartridge. If ink leaks are not addressed promptly, the damage is sure to be excellent. The most common damage is clogging of the nozzles and ink tubes, which is a major situation. It can also cause short circuits etc.

The solution fits.

Use paper or a completely dry cloth to dry the dripping ink completely. In general, ink leaks do not occur as long as they work well at optimum temperature levels.

Finally, do you know how to use a heat sublimation printer with little ink?

There are several ways to reduce ink waste when publishing with a piezo printer. Using the printer correctly can reduce ink waste.

1: Use high-grade, smooth, appropriate ink.

When using a dye heat sublimation printer, it is often necessary to print a print head check field and to collate the print head to ensure that the print head of the image printer is in optimum working condition. It takes some time to print the checklist after the print head has been cleaned automatically, as the print head will certainly print after cleaning. Charts are prone to breakage.

2: Reduce the number of switches in the thermal sublimation printer

Concentrating a small number of print jobs into one time period can save modestly on ink consumption, as cleaning the print head and initializing the printer as well as supplying the ink system immediately each time the printer starts up will certainly cost a lot of money. ink, so try to concentrate print operations over a period of time to release the effects and try not to change machines regularly.

heat sublimation printer

3: Use the correct print settings

Use ink-saving print settings to effectively reduce ink consumption. For print jobs that require less precision, you can select the ‘fast print setting’ and publish the results with reduced image quality. So, when printing, choose the right production settings for the consumer’s needs and you can successfully reduce your ink intake.

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