Mid Range Oil Filled Rotary Heat Press

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Model: Subli5017/5019


The SUBLI-500Series mid-range rotary heat press offers the latest design advancements in continuous rotary belt heat transfer printing equipment for exceptional temperature control and print quality. A large diameter drum allows for extremely fast transferring. Oil-filled drums make colors consistent from side to side and job to job.

Advantages of Sublistar Rotary Heat Press

Sublistar Oil Filled The Rotary Heat Press has been specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for cut-part digital printing. This method is widely used to print sports and team apparel.

Heated oil drum 500mm / 19.7" in diameter

Oil heated, multifunctional mini-rotary heat transfer press. Oil filled drum makes colors consistent side to side and job to job.

Continuous Printing

There is no need for manual feeding in of workpieces and paper during operation. There is no need for manual feeding in of workpieces and paper during operation.

Anti-hand Pressure Safety Function

When the machine is operating, you need to adjust the fabric and sublimation paper, which can help you prevent your fingers from being pressed.

Tension Adjustment

Assure the paper and textile into the printing smoothly, reduce the wrinkle.

Fabric Sample For Free

If you hesitate to order this machine, maybe you can do a sample test first. Send us your design; we will heat transfer your design with this machine and send you the transferred textile fabric so that you can check the quality. All of these are free!

Technical Specifications

DescriptionThe SUBLI-500 Oil-Filled Rotary Heat Press was created specifically to meet the growing demand for cut-part digital printing. This method is widely used to print sports and team apparel.
A double-layer drum solution is ideally designed for piece-by-piece or roll-to-roll transfers up to 190 cm in width, including polyester fabric, soft signage, custom clothing, and larger-scale personalized dye sublimation items.
Features△ Roll-to-roll or Piece-by-piece processing
△Double layer drum – 500mm / 19.7″ in diameter
△ Filing Oil Drum to 100% (Saving 30% Power)
△ 24 heating elements
△ 75% Nome Drum Blanket Coverage
△ Maximum transfer speed:3m/min(9.8ft)
△ Fabric / Transfer Paper / Tissue Paper Tension Controlled
△ Auto Power On / Off
Drum Diameter50cm or 20”,  Double Layer
Working Width1700mm(70″)1900mm(75″)
Voltage3 phase, 220V / 380V / 480V
Transfer Speed1.6m/min(5.2ft)-3m/min(9.8ft)
Number of Heating Elements24
Feeding Rollers3
Collecting Rollers3
Process PathFeeding in Through top of Drum
Work TableYes, but no glassmaking
Packing Dimensions3500*1400*1650mm3500*1400*1650
 Installation size4600*2900*840mm4600*2950*840

Machine Details

1. It is equipped with an external oil box, which makes it convenient to add heat conduction oil, and it has high-security performance with the unique advantage of anti-explosion through automatic turn-off.

2. The releasing-laying system is manufactured with the body machine as a whole part, thus delivering the paper or cloth exactly parallel and without deviation. It only converts a small area, but it is labor-saving with high overall efficiency.

3. Blankets and belts are separated. Adopt simultaneous shaft adjustment and pressure balancing shafts to make sure the pressure on the blanket is consistent with that on the heating roller, thus completely solving the problem of cooling the blanket while turning off the machine or while it is powered off and giving more protection to the blanket and extending its useful life.

4. Use a frequency conversion governor that can adjust the printing speed freely. and the transfer printing speed is more stable.

5. An automatic collecting and releasing cloth system is optionally equipped.

6. The product’s electric components are imported, and the separate structure of the electric box from the body machine extends the life of the electrical equipment while bringing higher accuracy.

7. The hardware has a high-tech configuration. The main wall panel and rollers are all reinforced and manufactured professionally.



- Lycra materials-cycling
- Polyamide-Swim&Surfwear
- 100% polyester(stretch)-cycling, running, ice hockey wear
- Sports and functional textiles

Home Internal

Curtain, Blind, Cushion, Table Cover, Towel Cleaner, etc.


Flags, Banners, Felts, Gaming tables, Home Textiles

Hard Substrates

Ceramics, Metal plates, Skis, Snowboards, Mug, Cup


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