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Model: Subli6017/6019


The NEW advanced Rotary Drum Heat Press, the SUBLI-600, was designed to accommodate the increasing demand for faster transfer speeds, which was designed with a pivot system for automatic belt tracking, which ensures no lateral movement and “ghosting” on any of your fabric.

The transfer speed up to 13ft/min which enables owners of machines that are struggling to keep up with the increasing speed of newly available industrial printers for the market.

Advantage of Sublistar Rotary Heat Press

Sublistar Oil Filled Rotary Heat Press has been specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for cut part digital printing. This method is widely used to print sport and team apparel.

Pneumatic pressure system

The pneumatic roller is being used to enable extra pressure on the drum during transfer printing.

Precise equipment

Machine frame and all rollers are elaborately made and reinforced. Rational machine structure ensures paper and cloth move accurately in parallel without offset.

Good printing effects

The transfer printing results are as good as those of flat transfer printing machines. Heat transfer printing on both roll to roll and cut pieces, pure cotton transfer printing at a warm temperature.

Automatic nomex drum blanket alignment

This heat transfer machine is small and affordable. And blanket is made of American DuPont materials, 10 mm thickness, good transfer effect, long service life.

Fabric Sample For Free

If you hesitate to order this machine, maybe you can to do a sample test first. Send us your design, we will heat transfer your design with this machine, and send you the transferred textile fabric, so that you can check the quality. All of these are free!

Technical Specifications

Features△Double layer 600mm /24″ diameter drum makes SUBLI600 able to transfer digital and rotogravure paper.
△ Maximum transfer speed:4m/min(13.1ft)
△ 27 heating elements
△ Substrate handling system – 3 unwinds and 3 rewinds
△ Electronic belt tracking. No air required
Drum Diameter60cm or 24”,  Double Layer
Transfer Width1600mm(63″)1800mm(71″)2500mm(98″)3100mm(122″)
Voltage3 phase, 220V / 380V / 480V
Transfer Speed1.6m/min(5.2ft)-4.2m/min(14ft)
Number of Heating Elements27
Feeding Rollers3
Collecting Rollers3
Process PathFeeding in Through Top of Drum
Work TableYes, but no glass
Packing Dimensions3100*1500*1850mm3150*1500*1650mm3250*1600*1750mm3350*1700*1750mm
 Installation size5000*2950*870mm5000*3050*870mm5100*3150*870mm5200*3250*870mm

Machine Details

1. Prevent workers hand into the cylinder ( when they are working)
2. Having an automatic device for deviation and cottection of blanket and conveyor belt
3. Having the function to avoid the scissor damaging the blanket
4. The Blanket can be off the heat drum completely for 8cm distance. No need to cool down the blanket when you want to stop the machine which saves energy, it can also prevent the blanket burn out when power off suddenly
5. Machine has explosion-proof equipment and emergency stop button, safer
6. Having the outer oil tank which is more easy to fill in the oil and safer
7. With breathable conveyor belt which mache fabric heat-dissipating faster and prevent color ghosting
8. With updated air expanding equipment for sublimation paper, finished paper and tissue paper.



- Lycra materials-cycling
- Polyamide-Swim&Surfwear
- 100% polyester(stretch)-cycling, running, ice hockey wear
- Sports and functional textiles

Home Internal

Curtain, Blind, Cushion, Table Cover, Towel Cleaner, etc.


Flags, Banners, Felts, Gaming tables, Home Textiles

Hard Substrates

Ceramics, Metal plates, Skis, Snowboards, Mug, Cup


Sublimation print Accessories including sublimation transfer inks, sublimation papers and machine parts. Sublistar offers high-quality accessories for sublimation printing at affordable price.

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