Luxury Oil Filled Rotary Heat Press Machine

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Model: Subli Luxury


SUBLI Luxury Rotary Heat Press offers the latest design advancements in continuous rotary belt heat transfer printing equipment for exceptional temperature control and print quality. LARGE 40″ (1.00m) and 47″ (1.20m) diameter drum provide for extremely high speed transferring. Oil-filled drum makes colors consistent side to side and job to job.


Advantages of Sublistar Rotary Heat Press

Oil Filled Rotary Heat Press has been specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for cut part digital printing. This method is widely used to print sports and team apparel.


Full Oil Heated Drum

Roll oil temperature heating, heating more evenly, the transfer effect without color difference, safe and energy-saving.

Domestic Brands of Motor and Reducer

Domestic brands of motor and reducer, after years of use, have reached a stable state, with a warranty period of 12 months.

Anti-hand Pressure Safety Function

The synchronous rod is used to adjust the blanket loose/tight so that the two sides are even and the blanket is detached. When the power is shut down or the power is cut off, the blanket and the roller are separated, and the blanket is better protected.

Automatic nomex drum blanket alignment

This heat transfer machine is small and affordable. And blanket is made of American DuPont materials, 10 mm thickness, good transfer effect, long service life.

Fabric Sample For Free

If you hesitate to order this machine, maybe you can do a sample test first. Send us your design; we will heat transfer your design with this machine and send you the transferred textile fabric so that you can check the quality. All of these are free!

Technical Specifications

DescriptionSUBLI Luxury Rotary Heat Press offers the latest design advancements in continuous rotary belt heat transfer printing equipment for exceptional temperature control and print quality. Large 40-inch (1 meter) and 47-inch (1.20 meter)-diameter drums provide for extremely high-speed transferring. Oil-filled drums make colors consistent from side to side and job to job. 
Features△Chromium-coated Oil drum
△Aligning Material and Felt Automatically
△Detecting Temperature on the Surface
△Blanket coverage of at least 80%
△controlling Temperature Precisely (Controllable Silicon Solid State Relay)
△Fabric Cooling System
△Fabric Water Cooling System (optional)
△Fabric Discharge Swinging System (optional)
Drum Diameter100cm or 40”,  Double Layer47″,  Double Layer
Working Width2500mm(98″)3500mm(138″)3400mm(134″)
Voltage3 phase, 380V
Transfer Speed5m/min(16ft)-20m/min(66ft)7m/min(23ft)-89m/min()
Number of Heating Elements4854
Feeding Rollers4
Collecting Rollers4
Process PathFeeding in Through Bottom of Drum
Auto Felt AlignmentYes
Auto Fabric AlignmentYes
Packing Dimensions4000*2200*1850mm5700*2200*1850mm4650*2200*2050mm
 Installation size5000*3700*1900mm5000*4700*1900mm5000*4650*2050mm
NOTE:Working width is available from 1200 mm to 2600 mm.

Machine Details

1. DuPont Blanket: Blanket is made of American DuPont materials with a 10 mm thickness, good transfer effect, and a long service life.

2. Single drum: inside and outside cylinder finishing, cylindrical precision grinding machine, drum heating evenly, no color difference.

3. Integrated slip ring: free maintenance

4. Heating tube: A stainless steel heating tube heats the conductive oil directly, and the temperature can rise to 200 oC within 45 minutes.

5. Universal bearing: We use the lasted universal bearing, which effectively reduces bearing wear and parts loss.

6. Low-cost proofing and production with a small machine.



- Lycra materials-cycling
- Polyamide-Swim&Surfwear
- 100% polyester(stretch)-cycling, running, ice hockey wear
- Sports and functional textiles

Home Internal

Curtain, Blind, Cushion, Table Cover, Towel Cleaner, etc.


Flags, Banners, Felts, Gaming tables, Home Textiles.

Hard Substrates

Ceramics, Metal plates, Skis, Snowboards, Mug, Cup


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